Jesus And The Black Lives Matter Movement


If I was a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, and I actually cared about peace, I’d start thinking seriously about a name change. We wouldn’t be able to go with All Lives Matter because we’ve already been informed that such a name is racist. And we couldn’t use Life Matters because it might offend the folks over at Planned Parenthood. I’ll keep thinking about a new name and get back to you.

There comes a time when every movement finds itself at a crossroads. For Black Lives Matter, the options are many at this point.

a.) They can carry on with their mission and persevere through times of trouble, danger and even obscurity.

b.) They can sell themselves out to the very people who are a part of the initial problem.

c.) They can allow the troublemakers to take over.

The people at Black Lives Matter have chosen options b and c. That’s why you see people burning down cities in the name of justice. And it’s why you see members of the Black Lives Matters movement delighting in the execution of a Texas police officer.

I know that there are bad police. Just like there are bad pastors, bloggers, teachers and lawyers. History has shown us that it’s best to address such injustices on a case by case basis. Many in the Black Lives Matter movement have decided that it would be better to just blow up the whole system.

This is a critical time for the Church. Thankfully, we’ve been here before and managed quite well.

It was shortly after Jesus had risen from the grave. More and more people were deciding to live their lives for Jesus. Thousands, to be exact. And the 12 men who had spent the previous three years following Jesus had quite a challenge. With no Internet, phones, or automobiles, how were they supposed to take care of everyone? How were they supposed to make sure that everyone was fed?

The short answer is this. They didn’t. And their neglect looked like racism.

Now in these days when the disciples were increasing in number, a complaint by the Hellenists arose against the Hebrews because their widows were being neglected in the daily distribution. Acts 6:1 (ESV)

The Aramaic-speaking Jewish widows were being fed but the Greek-speaking ones were not. What gives? And there you have your first legitimate church fight.

The 12 men leading the church chose to address the problem. Their decision, under God’s plan of course, is a big reason why the Church is still around today. They didn’t blow anything up. They didn’t assassinate anyone.

No, to fix this problem, they started acting like the Church.

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t expect unbelievers to act like the Church. There will always be unbelievers burning things down and saying stupid stuff. The problem comes in when the Church starts falling in line with that. We would do well to follow the early church’s countercultural approach.

My fear is that we won’t. I’m afraid that he constant news coverage of another execution, another crowd blocking traffic or interrupting brunch and another group of marchers spewing hate in the name of justice will cause the Church to retreat.

Christian, if you care anything about God and his gospel, you cannot let this happen. At least not in your church. Pastors and church leaders, before you punt the football and focus all of your energies on budget meetings, you need to consider the example of the early church’s response to a racial dispute.

You need to know your Bible and teach it.

And the twelve summoned the full number of the disciples and said, “It is not right that we should give up preaching the word of God to serve tables.” Acts 6:2 (ESV)

For some reason, a lot of Christians who care about doing good in the community do so at the expense of the Bible. It’s as if they believe that you can’t do both. You can. In fact, you can’t do just one. A cup of soup for the belly and a jar of air for the soul is not what the world needs. The early church knew this. In their effort to meet physical needs and heal racial wounds, they did not neglect the teaching of the word.

But it doesn’t stop with the Bible. You need to serve too.

Therefore, brothers, pick out from among you seven men of good repute, full of the Spirit and of wisdom, whom we will appoint to this duty. Acts 6:3 (ESV)

The church selected seven men who would oversee the serving of others. But these weren’t just any men. These were men who were wise, filled with the Holy Spirit and who apparently cared about people. Even in the face of a major and potentially lethal dispute, the early church did not forget its mission. What about your church? Is your church more concerned with the numbers on the budget sheet than the pain down the street? Your new building, while important, is not likely to change your community. Your presence in the schools and over at the Housing Authority will.

So Christian, do not retreat. Do not hand over your responsibility of promoting peace (Matthew 5:9) to those who want the exact opposite. Keep doing the backyard Bible clubs. Don’t stop the bus ministry. If you’re not doing anything, start. Sitting in front of the television and worrying about when the race war is going to start is not your mission. Loving in the name of Jesus is. Get to work.

Finally, the early church prayed.

“But we will devote ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the word.” Acts 6:4 (ESV)

Anyone can complain. Anyone can worry. But true followers of Jesus Christ will pray. And when true followers of Jesus Christ pray, things happen (Romans 8:26; James 5:13-16).

Pray for peace in your community.

Pray for your local law enforcement leaders to do their job in full submission to the authority of Jesus Christ.

Pray that God would raise up people in your church, on the police force and in city hall who are, “full of the Spirit and of wisdom.”

Pray for the kind of racial peace that only Jesus can bring.

Forget what I said about changing the name of Black Lives Matter. If I was in that group and I really wanted change, I think that I’d let them keep their name. I’d let them keep their name and I’d leave to join another group.

One that actually cares about peace.

One that has a track record of reconciliation.

I’m happy to already be a part of that group.

It’s called the Church.

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Words On A Screen: The Pain And The Power Behind What You Say


They were words on a screen. But they were so much more.

“You have to just do it. You have everything you need. There is no way you can fail. Tonight is the night. It’s now or never.”

Pretty inspirational, huh?

Couldn’t we all use a friend to tell us something like that every day when we’re tempted to skip a workout or call in sick for work?

Michelle Carter allegedly sent those inspiring words to her boyfriend, Conrad Roy III. But there’s a problem with what Carter was trying to inspire her boyfriend to do. When she told him to, “Just do it,” she wasn’t trying to get him pumped up for a job interview. She was trying to convince him to kill himself.

So Conrad Roy loaded up the cab of his truck with a gas generator and drove to K-Mart. With the text messages from his girlfriend stuck in his head, he was planning on just doing it. He was going to actually go through with killing himself.

When he reached the K-Mart parking lot he started to have second thoughts. He climbed out of his truck. Fresh air started to fill his lungs. He used his phone to text his girlfriend. He was having second thoughts about killing himself.

Her response was only three words.

“Get back in.”

18-year-old Conrad Roy III died of carbon monoxide poisoning. Michelle Carter, who is also 18, is facing 20 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter.

Words matter. Even when they’re written instead of spoken.

We become different people behind a screen. We say things we would never say in person. Somehow, we forget that a real person is on the other end and that words, whether written or spoken, have a lot of power.

They carry with them the power to lift someone’s spirits.

But they also have the power to kill.

I just scrolled through the old text messages on my phone. Some are from friends who are talking about current events and the state of the world. Some are from church members with various questions, prayer requests and words of support. One is from a friend who is also a pastor. He sends me a text message every Sunday morning to remind me that he’s praying for me. I love those text messages. I wish that Conrad Roy had the same kind of people in his life that I have in mine. Maybe then he would have gotten to have a face to face conversation with someone who loves him instead of text messages from someone who killed him.

I don’t know what was going through Michelle Carter’s mind. Is she really evil enough to talk someone into committing suicide or was she just foolish, thinking that her words didn’t really matter? I don’t know. I’ve got my guess but I don’t know.

What I do know is that her words were powerful. And so are yours. Think about that the next time you write a mean comment on someone’s Facebook status. Consider the power of words before you leave your house, drop your kids off or finish texting. For the rest of her life, Michelle Carter will have to live with the fact that her last words to her boyfriend were spent trying to convince him to kill himself. What if your last words to a loved one, or anyone for that matter, were about how they’ve gotten fat or how they probably don’t deserve to have kids anyway? Could you live with that?

As they were texting each other, Michelle Carter told Conrad Roy that, “Everyone will be sad,” if he were to kill himself. She continued, saying that, “They will get over it and move on.”

I don’t believe that.

You don’t just get over the suicide of a son, brother, or friend.

And, no matter how hard your heart is, you don’t just get over being the one who talked him into it.

Sticks and stones hurt.

Words do too.

The difference is that injuries from sticks and stones heal much quicker than the injuries that come from words.

Words can stick with someone for life.

And they can even cut a life short.

So be careful what you say, even if it is just words on a screen.

And the tongue is a fire, a world of unrighteousness. The tongue is set among our members, staining the whole body, setting on fire the entire course of life, and set on fire by hell. For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and sea creature, can be tamed and has been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. James 3:6-8 (ESV)

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The Most Offensive Show On Television


Last weekend my sons discovered pure American art. Now, they are cultured. They are civilized. They are, dare I say, enlightened.

Last weekend, I introduced my sons to MacGyver.

They were pretty excited when I told them that we were going to watch MacGyver. They didn’t know why but that didn’t matter. The older you get, the more reasons and explanations you need to get excited. These boys are very young. That’s another way of saying that excitement still comes easy for them.

“Boys, we’re watching MacGyver.”

They gave me a weird look.

“What’s that?”

I struggled with the best way to answer that question. I’ve been asked a lot of tough questions. What are you doing out at this hour, sir? Are you on something? Did you lose a bet? You know, tough questions. But I’ve never been asked to explain MacGyver. I struggled with the best answer. Finally, it came to me.

“It’s a show about a guy who blows stuff up with paper clips.”


My sons danced around as if they had just hit the lottery of television viewing.

Forty-five seconds into the pilot episode, I realized something about MacGyver. If it came on today, that show wouldn’t last, well, forty-five seconds. Here’s why.

  1. MacGyver is a man who solves problems. He solves problems without the aid of a government organization or a feminist. In that respect, MacGyver, if aired today, would be the most offensive show on television. It shouldn’t but this keeps me up at night. I just know that, because they’re all out of ideas, Hollywood will remake MacGyver. In the updated version, she’ll drive a Prius and use paper clips to prevent people from wasting energy.
  2. MacGyver looks kind of normal. An argument could be made that he has a mullet but other than that, MacGyver looks like your neighbor who likes to run marathons. Sure, he’s in good shape but he’s much too small for today’s hero. If you want to save people on TV theses days, you need to be 315 pounds with 0% body fat. And that’s just for the ladies.

On our first episode, MacGyver disarmed a bomb with, you guessed it, a paper clip. On the second episode, he took down a drug lord and his entire army with a few snakes and rice powder. My kids were hooked from that moment on.

I checked their book bags Monday morning to make sure that they weren’t packing any paper clips. Or snakes. They were clean, as best as I could tell.

When our MacGyver viewing was over, we did something else that puts us up there with only the elites of our time.

We played Monopoly.

Forty-five seconds into our game, it was pretty much over. One of my sons had already quit and was doing something to the toaster with a paper clip and a snake, another son was wondering why he had to pay a luxury tax and my wife was giving me that Check Yo Self Before You Wreck Yo Self look for telling my son, “Welcome to the Obama presidency.” Oh, and by the way, my wife, who also happens to be a math teacher, was beating us soundly. She somehow managed to own Boardwalk, Park Place and all of the railroads. Draw your own conclusions on this but she also happened to be the banker.



At one point, the son who remained in the game landed on one of his mother’s properties and was quickly informed that he would be owing $1600 in rent. She made a deal with him to keep him in the game. Shortly after that, I landed on one of those same properties. My wife told me that she could help me out so that I could stay in the game.

I declined the offer and started making breakfast. I used a few eggs, a paper clip, some rice powder and an old battery.

I introduced my sons to MacGyver because I wanted them to see a television show that gives a somewhat positive portrayal of manhood. Sorry for my insensitivity but the cast of Teen Mom 2 just isn’t doing that. I mean, who would you rather have disarm a bomb in your kitchen?

Anyway, both of their experiences over the weekend will help to prepare my sons for manhood. Monopoly is a lot like life. It doesn’t always go your way and taxes come at you from out of nowhere. You can either cry about it, or you can look for a paper clip and work your way out of it. Sometimes, even the paper clip method won’t work. Plain and simple, you’re just beaten.

In that case, you just cut your losses and cook everyone some breakfast.

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A Prayer For Racial Peace


Heavenly Father,

We are in a mess and we need your help. The blame can’t be cast on any one person, group, political stance or television show. None of us are smart enough to think our way out of this mess. None of us are strong enough to fight our way out of it. In fact, it seems as though sometimes the more we think and fight, the worse it gets.

Father, we need peace. Not the peace we hear about in songs. We don’t want anything to do with the token talks of peace we see on television and hear from some politicians. We need to be changed and that can only come from Your peace. I confess that change isn’t just something that other people need. It’s not just something that the guy down the street or the person on the news needs. I need to be changed too. Every day I, along with the rest of your Church, need your peace-producing change.

Father, I don’t expect the world to stop acting like the world. At least not until you return. I expect turmoil, corruption, violence, oppression and hate. It’s what the world does. But as the world does what it does, please protect your Church. I do not ask that you just protect us from the world but also that you protect us from acting like the world.

There seems to be some very powerful people who would love nothing more than a full-blown race war in this country. Protect us, both white and black, from being a part of that in our speech and social media presence. Protect us from trying to one up the other guy at all costs. Instead, help us to return truth where lies are spread and love where hate is prevailing. Equip us to show the world that in you, despite all of our differences, white and black Christians share a common hope and that in him, though unique, one race or person is not better than the other.

Shake us from our slumber. The world is on fire. The culture of death is growing. But Father, death was defeated when your Son, Jesus Christ, rose from the grave. We still live with the sting of death but it has no final say over us. Help us to live that out. Help us to promote your kingdom culture in the face of the culture of death we are living in.

Father, please help us to see people as you made them. Help us to take the time to get to know people who are different from us. Help us to establish friendships that go beyond what seems natural to us. Father, whether the other guy is a small baby that could fit in the palm of my hand or just someone from a different race, help us to see him for who he really is – a human being who You created in your image for Your glory. Help us to remember that life matters, not because it’s trendy to say so but because all human life comes from you and will one day return to you.

Father, help us to laugh. I do not ask for the laughter of foolish men who occupy themselves with nonsense while destruction awaits. Instead, give us the laughter of a people who find their joy in you even when things are far from perfect. Father, may the world look at us and not see a people who are immune from the world’s pain but a people who are immune from the world’s hopelessness.

Father, we all want our voice to be heard. We want the final say. We want our way. Please forgive us for this. In repentance, help us to seek your voice, to submit to your authority and to follow your way, even when it’s time for us to speak up about something. Help us to remember that, throughout history, things have gone so much better when you spoke through people instead of people trying to speak for you. Help us to put your authority over our own.

Father, the world is a mess. In a lot of ways, so is Your Church. But that’s nothing new. Father, no one creates beauty from messes like you. Clean us, Father. Clean us and use us.

In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ and for his glory,


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The Scariest Words That Jesus Ever Spoke


They are perhaps the scariest words that Jesus ever spoke.

“I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

The sentence speaks for itself. Jesus is making one final judgement on people. Because of their lawlessness, they will spend an eternity apart from Christ.

But who are these lawless people?

Are they terrorists who devoted their whole lives to destruction? No, that’s not who Jesus is talking to in this context.

Perhaps he is talking to perverts. Again, not in this context.

Well, such a harsh judgment must be directed toward Satan or the AntiChrist. Not this time. Here are the lawless people that Jesus is talking to.

Preachers and teachers who spoke in the name of Jesus.

Exorcists who cast out demons in the name of Jesus.

And miracle workers who did a lot of really cool and powerful things in the name of Jesus.

How can this be? If my son came home and told me that he spent his day at school preaching sermons, casting out demons and performing miracles, I’d be a proud father. So why then would Jesus call these people lawless and condemn them to an eternity in hell?

In a word, it was their performance that did them in.

You see, religious people care about performance. And that’s what these people were doing. They weren’t really casting out demons and preaching sermons and performing miracles. They were just performing. Performance is what matters most to religious people. They love being seen more than they love Jesus.

But Jesus cares about obedience.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 7:21 (ESV)

Don’t get me wrong. Preaching and teaching are important. So are miracles and casting out demons. But it’s important to remember that Jesus does not need those things.

He doesn’t need our sermons.

He doesn’t need our power encounters with the dark side.

And he doesn’t need our religious magic tricks.

What he asks for, however, is our obedience.

Every kid on my son’s soccer team wants to score a goal. Some of those kids play positions that make goal scoring more likely than it is for kids at other positions. A few practices ago, there was a kid scoring a few goals in a scrimmage game. He was playing well. His shots weren’t just going in, they were going in with style.

And then the coach told him to switch positions.

“Go play right back.”

A kid can still score a goal at right back sort of like the punter on a football team can still score a touchdown. It can happen but it probably won’t.

The kid was devastated. And he made it known to the coach. The coach’s response was priceless.

“Well, you can play right bench.”

The kid got real quiet and went to where he was told.

The coach didn’t need the kid’s goals, trick shots and back flips. He was after something else. He wanted the kid’s obedience.

You may live your whole life without Jesus ever telling you to preach a sermon, confront a demon-possessed person or turn water into wine. And that’s okay. You can do all of those things and still miss Jesus.

But there are some things that Jesus has told you to do if you belong to him. These aren’t things to be done in order to earn God’s love or saving grace. That’s part of the religious trap. No, the obedience that Jesus calls for comes as a result of already being saved by his grace.

He has asked you to love him with your total being.

He has asked you to love your neighbor.

He has asked you to kill your sin and pursue his holiness.

So Christian, don’t trade in a life of obedience for the glamour of doing religion your own way without Jesus. It may look good for a while. But in the end you will only fool yourself.

Put away the pressure to perform. Instead, devote yourself to obeying Jesus. You can’t obey him enough to earn your way into heaven. But if you belong to Jesus, your obedience, while not perfect, will be a natural result.

These words from Christ scare me. They scare me because I know that there will be a lot of good religious people with perfect attendance in Sunday School who will be told, “I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.”

I can’t think of a more frightening thing to hear.

Please, stop wasting your life on religious performance.

Instead, devote yourself to obeying Jesus.

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The Fraternity of Dunces


It was called a “heartwarming reaction.”

A father took his four-year-old son to the toy store to return a duplicate gift. The boy could pick any toy that he wanted. Star Wars Legos. A football. Perhaps a dump truck.

The boy chose a Little Mermaid doll.

Out of the toy store and back in the car, dad pulled out his camera phone to assess the situation.

He couldn’t have been more proud of his son. Or himself.

“I let my  boys choose their life. Choose your expression. Choose what your into. Choose your sexuality.”

The two boys in the car with dad let out loud cheers.

And then dad gave the world this line.

“Choose whatever.”

Choose whatever.


I guess that you could say that this is our culture’s new motto. Choose to sleep with whatever you want, whenever you want. Choose to be whatever race that you want. Choose to be whatever gender you want. Choose to kill your baby if you don’t want it.


Kids do not need to choose whatever. What they need is loving leadership. A kid who chooses whatever will pee in his neighbor’s window air conditioning unit. And you can be certain that the neighbor won’t be quite as tolerant as that heartwarming dad.

More than the so-called freedom of choosing whatever, kids need to be taught the difference between right and wrong. They need to be taught the difference between life and death. And yes, no matter what our friends at Target may say, they need to be taught that their is a difference between men and women. In short, they need you to clear up any confusion they may have about sexuality.

At some point in the history of parenting, we adopted the approach of, “Well, the kid is into it so why fight it.” This lack of parental leadership and teaching is a big reason why so many of our kids are growing up to be sexually confused. Or curious. Or whatever the label is. Look, everything is a medical condition. There are commercials on TV for conditions you’ve never heard of that can be cured by drugs you can’t pronounce with a host of side effects that you don’t want. But there is one condition that never gets any attention.

Bad parenting.

Bad parenting doesn’t always manifest itself in abuse and neglect. Sometimes it shows up in millions of affirmations that come with absolutely zero direction or correction.

A funny thing happened after I watched that heartwarming video about the dad who has decided to let his four-year-old choose his sexuality. I got in my truck and heard a story on the news about a fraternity at Old Dominion University that has gotten into trouble. I know, I know. It’s hard to imagine a fraternity doing something stupid but just stay with me on this one.

As freshmen and their families arrived on campus and made their way by the Sigma Nu house, they were greeted by three signs.

“Rowdy and fun. Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time…”

“Freshman daughter drop off…”

“Go ahead and drop mom off too…”

The man reading the story on the radio gave a one word commentary.


Now, I agree with him but one thing has been left out of our collective outrage at this fraternity of dunces. Fraternity chapters and university presidents are falling all over themselves to tell us that none of this represents their institution. But no one is asking why this is happening.

Maybe it has something to do with a generation of parents who have told their kids, “Choose what you’re into. Choose your sexuality. Choose whatever.”

Sometimes choosing whatever looks like a little boy with a girl’s doll.

Sometimes it’s another group of little boys trying to woo mom and her daughter into their fraternity clubhouse.

And sometimes it’s a man mutilating himself because he doesn’t want to identify as a man anymore.

I know that the Choose Whatever Approach seems fun, loving and liberating, especially in regards to sexuality. But here’s the thing. Sex education abhors a vacuum. Mom and dad, if you’re not teaching your kid about sexuality, someone will.

It could be the coach who lost the teacher lottery and had to use his extra planning period to show kids how to put condoms on bananas.

It could be the television.

And it could be some sex-obsessed child predator and his fraternity buddies.

Either way, it won’t be pretty if you just sit back and do whatever while your kid chooses for himself. Without you actually doing the job of a parent, you can be sure that your child will become a card carrying member of the fraternity of dunces.

Contrary to the politically correct norms of our day, men and women are different. And if parents want to do what they can to prepare their children for the Legion of sexual philosophies that will come their way, they will take the time and trouble to teach them those differences.

The dad in that heartwarming video finally wrapped things up by giving his kids a promise.

“You have my promise forever to love you and accept you no matter what life you choose.”

On the surface, that looks loving. In reality, it’s quite far from love. Love isn’t a pass for parents to sit by passively while those under their care choose whatever.

Love does.

Love steps in.

Love corrects.

Love instructs.

And after all of that, if your child still chooses to rebel against what you taught, love is what keeps you there with arms opened when he comes back, heartbroken from the consequences of choosing whatever.

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Silence Screams


On July 16, 2009, Henry Louis Gates was locked out of his own home. The door was jammed so he tried to force it open. A neighbor thought the scene looked suspicious so she had another neighbor call the police. From there, everything went sideways. What would normally be just another awkward neighborhood incident became a national story about race and the police.

Eventually, President Barack Obama got involved. He and Vice President Joe Biden shared a beer with Gates and the policeman who first arrived on the scene. As President Obama and his advisers saw it, the ugly incident between neighbors and the local police demanded his attention.

And so he responded.

In March of 2015, President Barack Obama sat down for an interview of sorts with Andy Katz. The two weren’t talking foreign policy or education. Andy Katz works for ESPN and for seven straight years, he has met with President Obama to talk NCAA basketball. More specifically, Katz, and the nation apparently, wanted to know if Obama had a 12 seed upsetting a 5 seed and who he had in his Final Four. As the president and his advisors saw it, this was a gold mine. The yearly NCAA bracket discussion would win him appeal among young, sports-loving voters.

And so he responded.

On July 14, 2015, The Center for Medical Progress released its first in a string of undercover videos exposing Planned Parenthood’s practice of murdering babies and selling their body parts. Since the release of that first video, we have seen other videos. Gruesome videos. Videos of a lady eating salad and drinking wine while she cold-heartedly speaks of selling baby parts. If she were a pimp talking about one of her workers or a puppy mill owner talking about harvesting the organs of unborn dogs, the nation would be beside itself. But this lady was just talking about human beings. So a lot of people looked the other way and carried on with their lives.

Including President Barack Obama.

No sit down with Cecile Richards, the president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, and a representative from The Center for Medical Progress. No interview with the media, discussing how he feels about the videos.

We did get a comment from White House press secretary Josh Earnest. He informed us that the videos were, “fraudulent.” When pressed as to how he knew that they were “fraudulent” without having seen them, his basic response was, “Well, because Planned Parenthood told us they were fraudulent.”

Still, President Barack Obama has not spoken directly about these videos.


He has spoken through his press secretary. But he has also spoken through his silence. And his silence screams.

It tells us that all human life doesn’t matter. It tells us that money from financial backers is more important than genuine justice. And it tells us that tax-payer funded lab technicians poking and laughing at a baby with a beating heart just before slicing that baby’s face open to remove his brains is perfectly normal.

On October 22, 2010, President Barack Obama gave a speech. This speech was directed toward kids who are bullied. He told his audience that they, “Didn’t do anything to deserve being bullied.”


If only President Barack Obama felt the same way about babies.

If only our government wasn’t such a bully.

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Little League Girls Softball And Our Next President


There’s some shady business going on in the world of little league girls softball.

An Oregon softball team was expected to move on to the final round of the Little League World Series. They had been the most dominant team in the tournament. They were a lock to win it all. But, just to be sure and knowing that they would advance to the finals anyway, they intentionally lost a semi-final game, thus eliminating the team with the best chance of beating them. The Oregon team, known as South Snohomish, rested their four best players and had the ones who did play strike out on purpose. Allegedly. The previously unstoppable team was beaten 8-0.

Their plan was coming together nicely.

Without ever having to go through the trouble of actually facing them, they eliminated their toughest opponent and set themselves up for an easy championship by playing against a weaker opponent.

It seems as though this sort of activity is all the rage these days.

Think about it.

What would you do if you had a lot of influence, no morals and wanted the most powerful position in the world? I can tell you what I would do.

I would run for president. I would then get a close friend and former financial backer to run for president in a completely different party.

I’d have him change his positions to match that party’s key talking points.

I’d have him talk loud and hard about things that have Republicans, and most other Americans for that matter, really worked up.

I’d have him, despite his endless wealth and influence, play the role of the anti-establishment victim.

I’d have him convince the people that he was just keeping it real when he said foolish things about women.

And, he would win his party’s nomination.

I would have the benefit of defeating my toughest opponents, the fresh faces with actual ideas, without ever having to face them. My friend and former financial backer would take care of that for me.

Finally, when we went head to head in the presidential election, I would have my opponent and friend’s head on a platter. Nothing violent, mind you. He would just give it to me.

His previous comments regarding women that earned him so much praise a few months earlier would now be used against him.

His financial swagger and arrogance would be used as examples of the failures of capitalism.

I would win the office of president while my opponent and friend went back to his old job of paying off politicians. When you think about it, we would both win. My political underhandedness would win me the presidency. His power, money and connections would win him the person in the office.


The only real loser would be the American people.

But what do they know anyway?

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A Word Of Encouragement To The Folks At Planned Parenthood


Dear Planned Parenthood,

I promise not to take too much of your time. I know that you’re busy.

It’s been a rough couple of months for you. Every week a new video is released detailing what goes on in your facilities. It must be torture for you to know that the next Tuesday or Wednesday there will be another undercover video. What will they show next? How will the public respond?

Well, while you wait for the next video to come out, I’ve got some encouragement for you. It’s just two words.

Don’t worry.

Don’t worry about how the public will respond to the latest video detailing how a worker at your facility playfully poked at a newborn baby with a still beating heart just before removing his brains.

Even if the next video shows, in vivid detail, one of your employees actually ending the life of a newborn baby and trading his remains for $250 with a guy parked out back in a black van, don’t worry.

You don’t need to worry about any of this because, for the most part, it seems as though no one else in the country is worried either.

Most politicians are too busy trying to get elected and wiping their servers clean to care about what you do.

A majority of the people in this country have focused their collective efforts on identifying as something they are not and getting themselves all worked up over who showed up to the premier of American Ultra.

You don’t even have to worry about a lot of Christians. Sure, they’re all about justice. But just the cool justice. Justice for coffee farmers in Columbia. Justice for shoe manufactures in the Philippines. But not justice for babies in one of your facilities. Fortunately for you, speaking up for the unborn just isn’t hip in many Christian circles. People might cough up their fairly traded coffee all over their humanely harvested jeans if their pastor brought up something like abortion on a Sunday morning.

Don’t worry. You’re going to be just fine. If things carry on as they have, you won’t lose any funding from the government and you can always count on the support of the people. Or the ignorance of the people. But what’s the difference?

Between now and the release of the next undercover video, just pray or meditate or chant or whatever it is you do to whatever god it is you worship that one of your workers doesn’t get caught on camera putting too much air in a football or posing for a sorority picture that isn’t diverse enough.

If that happens, there will be hell to pay.

But as long as all you do is just kill babies, there will be no hell to pay.

Well, for now at least. At some point you will have to stand before Jesus to give an account for your actions. Unlike many politicians, he cannot be paid off. And he will not ignore what you are doing. He will administer his perfect justice upon those who destroyed the babies who are created in his image. So unless you change, you will have hell to pay.

But anyway, be encouraged!



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