Spoiler Alert! Week 2 of the NFL Playoffs

The second round of the NFL playoffs is this weekend.  Here’s what’s going to happen.

Wait.  Before we get to that, there’s cause for explanation.

I am aware that every one of last week’s picks was wrong.  But it is important for you to know that my 2 year old son was the one who picked the games last week.  He’s active for his age.  For example, he’s also responsible for writing the last two Adam Sandler movies as well as developing the strategy for the Rick Perry presidential campaign.  We’re very proud.

Alll that to say that this week I’ll be doing the picking.

Saints at 49ers

The 49ers are good, especially on defense.  The problem with the 49ers is their quarterback.  We’ve seen teams with bad quarterbacks win the Super Bowl before but they had defenses of legendary status.  The 49ers aren’t that good on defense yet and the Saints are currently freakishly good on offense.  I think Alex Smith gets in his own way a little too much on this one.

Saints 39, 49ers 10

Broncos at Patriots

Tom Brady may be the best quarterback ever to play the game.  My aforementioned son refers to him as Tom Booty.  Either way, Brady is good.  There is a weakness to this Patriots team and it’s their defense.  Still, I think Brady and Bellichick along with the addition of Tebow’s old coach, Josh McDaniels, will prove too much for the Broncos.  I’ll take the Patriots in a close one.

Patriots 24, Broncos 21

Texans at Ravens

Ravens: Ray Lewis, Ed Reed and Terrell Suggs

Texans: T.J. Yates

Ravens 6, Texans 0

Giants @ Packers

The Giants are getting a lot of good press right now.  Don’t buy it.  All of the hype is really due to three factors that have nothing to do with their ability on the field.

1.  They are from New York.  ESPN loves teams from New York.  A win for a New York team is equal to a 67 game win streak for the Chiefs or Rams.

2.  They aren’t the New York Jets and the New York Jets are a train wreck.  By comparison, the Giants look like the ’72 Dolphins.

3.  Sure the Giants won last week but it was against the miserable Falcons.  Below is a list of other teams that could’ve beaten the Falcons last week.

The cast of Mighty Ducks

The cast of Friday Night Lights (TV edition)

The cast of Little Giants

The cast of the Golden Girls

Packers 24, Giants 10