Spoiler Alert! The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is this weekend.

Here’s what’s going to happen.

That Empty Feeling

The game will not be as good as you hope.  Most likely it will be a blowout.  But either way, seeing as how Super Bowl Sunday has become a national holiday and all, there’s no way for any game to live up to the hype of having it’s own holiday.

Don’t expect too much from the commercials either.  Commercials are sort of like politicians and preachers.  When they’re expected to be funny they usually disappoint.  They’re at their best when expectations for blissful humor are low.

Halftime Conspiracy

Did the Janet Jackson thing happen during halftime of Super Bowl II?  Okay, I was just wondering because it seems a little too soon to be giving someone like Madonna the nation’s attention.  I’m pretty sure that the government is behind this somehow.  They know that Madonna will do something way over the top and then that will give them the golden opportunity they’ve been waiting for to clamp down on us even harder.

The Government in January 2013: “This year we have cancelled the Super Bowl.  In it’s place you get a piece of bread and a rerun of The West Wing.”

Citizenry: “Wait!  But we like the Super Bowl.”

The Government in January 2013: “Yeah, but remember last year when Madonna sacrificed a goat on live television?”

Citizenry: “Good point.  Pass the bread.”

Your Facebook and Twitter Friends

You have at least one social media friend that will be saying something like this all during the game.

“So many people watching a silly game while so many people suffer in the world.  SMH.”

“U cheer 4 Tm Brdy but did u cheer @ church this morning?  SDG.”

Send that friend a Farmville request and the rest will take care of itself.

The Score

Giants 28, Patriots 17