The Do Over

Face it fellas.  You blew it yesterday.

When your wife told you that she didn’t want anything for Valentine’s Day this year you took her literally.  Bad move on your part.

Or maybe you’re the guy that surprised your wife with a quick trip to Aspen and a big bag of jewelry.  I have one question for you.  What are you going to do next year to top it?  Yep, you blew it too.

But there’s one thing you can do to make next year perfect.  For a solid 2013 Valentine’s Day, just follow the example of one Mr. Kenny Rogers.

1.  (0:10) As soon as you come home, tend to the fire.  Your wife is always impressed when you tend to the fire within seconds of coming home.

2.  (0:11) Dress for the occasion.  I know you love Ray Lewis but your wife doesn’t love his jersey on you, not on Valentine’s Day at least.  Just this once, get out the good stuff.  My suggestion is a tight caramel colored leather jacket, a halfway buttoned shirt, bell bottom jeans and zip up high top boots.  This lets your wife know that you’re forward thinking enough to dress for a date/bar fight/1970s style tent revival.

3.  (2:01) Stop playing with the fire.  What, are you some kind of pyromaniac?!

4.  (2:08) Lazy men sit down in chairs when they get home.  Real men sit down on chairs.  Sitting on the arm of the chair may take years off the life of your furniture but it lets your wife know that you’re attentive.  This posture is a close cousin to sitting in a metal folding chair backwards.

5.  (3:24)  I think you can tell from the applause that this approach is a sure fire hit.

Good luck gentlemen!  Oh, and don’t forget the chicken.