Living Room Fortress

The top three reasons why friendships come to an end are as follows.

1.  Arguing over money

2.  Lack of communication

3.  Building a fort in the other person’s living room without permission

Thankfully, we have Judge Judy to help clear things up.

0:08 – Watch carefully.  This is the last time the defendant will move for the rest of the trial.  And by move, I also mean blink.

0:13 – Did he just say fort?  These girls are going to court on syndicated television over a fort one of them built in the living room?  Did this fort building take place back in the third grade because I don’t know many adults that build forts in the living room.

“What did you do this weekend Ralph?”

“Oh, a little fishing and then I replaced the engine in that ’78 Camaro.  How about you?”

“Built a fort.  In the living room.  And no, I don’t have kids.”

0:22 – Whatever you do, don’t let Judge Judy see you blink.  It makes you look guilty.

0:46 – Two things here.

1.  How on earth did Judge Judy just explain all of that without laughing?

2.  Is there anything that would freak out a single woman with no kids more than coming home late at night and tripping over a “fortress” in the living room?

I’m guessing a court case involving a “fortress” in the living room is going to take quite a while to iron out.  This one may even be moved up to a higher court like Judge Joe Brown.

0:47 – Never mind.

0:56 – I will not blink.  I will not blink.  I will not blink.

1:03 – Yes, Judge Judy, 27-year-olds do know how to turn the light on when they come home.  But shouldn’t other 20 somethings know how to not build fortresses in the living room.  Save it for the backyard.  I’m really sensing some bias here.  I think it’s obvious that Judge Judy probably likes to build a living room fortress from time to time.

1:09 – Not in this country?  What does that mean?

“You may get justice when you trip over a fort in Switzerland but not in this country, missy!”

1:28 – Can’t hold on much longer.  Almost there.  Do.  Not.  Blink.

1:32 – You may have heard about the time when two women stood before King Solomon because they were fighting over a baby.  To solve the dispute the wise king offered to saw the baby in half.  The woman who was truly the mother of the baby went nuts.  Case closed.

If you ever find yourself serving as the judge over some dispute, this is a good example to follow.  But, if for some reason, it just isn’t right you can settle for the second best option.  The Judge Judy option.  Just do random karate moves.  What can they say to that?  Parties are excused.  You may step down.

Maybe somebody is giving you a hard time for trying to express yourself by building forts in their living room in the middle of the night.  Don’t let the haters get you down.  Judge Judy is on your side.  Especially if you never blink in front of her.  Never.