An Exegetical Analysis of Dusty Rhodes

Here’s the background.  Dusty Rhodes and Tully Blanchard didn’t like each other very much in the 1980s.  Well, at least as far as the pro wrestling script writers were concerned.  This interview took place right after Dusty beat Tully and won the rights to Tullly’s valet who goes by the name of, get this, Baby Doll.  This just means that Baby Doll would walk to the ring with Dusty Rhodes instead of Tully Blanchard from now on.  Who wouldn’t want that?  Anyone?  Anyone?  None of this matters but it was how I spent my late Saturday afternoons in the 80s.

0:01 – The guy in the middle, doing the interview, is now the sports director for WSB Radio in Atlanta, GA.  His colleagues must give him all kinds of trouble for his old job.

0:34 – I have no idea how old Baby Doll is in this clip but my guess is that she’s somewhere around 15 or 16.  Only 15 year old girls know how to roll their eyes like that.

0:59 – Baby Doll just said, “By the Ray Rhodes.”  Ray Rhodes?  He used to coach the Philadelphia Eagles.  What’s he got to do with all of this?

1:15 – What you are about to see happens at your local VFW every weekend at around 11:30 pm.

1:30 – Baby Doll is about to prove that she can throw a punch better than 93% of the players in the NBA.

1:39 – The woman in purple, standing up on the front row has been going through a very tough time.  The kids are sick, money is tight and Hee-Haw got cancelled.  This just made it all worthwhile.  She still looks back on this moment as the greatest day of her life.

Thanks for the memories, Dusty!