Music Forum: The Overrated

The following is part of a weekly discussion between friends about music.

With the exception of Jeff, none of us knows what we’re talking about.

That’s never stopped us before.

This week’s topic: The most overrated musicians of all-time.

Jeff Merrill

This question is harder to answer than I thought it would be, but I’m going with Van Halen. They aren’t very relevant now (further proof of their overrated-ness) and I guess I just never felt it with these guys. Either singer just isn’t happening.  I just don’t get Van Halen.
By the way, someone is more than likely going to answer this question with U2 as their answer. That person should look deep into their soul and re-evaluate. Alright, that may be a little harsh, but you get my point.
Shane Burchfiel
I predict Jay will say here either Nickleback, The Beatles, or Pink Floyd.  Of those 3, he will have the strongest argument for Nickleback.  With so many one or two hit wonder bands, it’s hard to say who’s the most overrated.  And, even semi-older bands that I liked a lot when their stuff was current, once I saw them in concert, they were downgraded and I didn’t like them as much — think bands like The Smashing Pumpkins or The Wallflowers.  If I’m to pick one band, I’ll go with The Doors.  Nothing really lights my fire like never ending stoned out of your mind organ playing.
Jay Sanders
My choice for the most overrated artist in the history of pop music goes to a man that stole most of his music but is not named Millie or Vanilli.  This man started out as a teen idol, put on weight and had it all end pretty bad but is not named Leif Garrett.  People that like to sell their junk on the side of the road have made ten times as much money off of commemorative plates and rugs sporting this man’s likeness than they have from Tupac and Dale Sr. combined.
The most overrated artist in the history of music is Elvis Presley.
Don’t get me wrong.  The man had a few good songs but was his music really good enough to turn his home into a national park and spread rumors to make his poor fans believe that he’s still alive?
I know that I’m on dangerous grounds for saying such degrading things about the king.  By the time you read this, I’ll already be dead.
Oh, and while I’m at it, I can’t stand apple pie and I think John Wayne movies are terrible.
God bless the USA!  Nice knowing you.
Kevin Lester
Congratulations lucky readers.  Today you get to see the conclusion of
a battle that has raged on for centuries in my mind, or at least since
the 90’s.  Who is the most overrated?  After years of flip flopping I
have decided that this blog will reveal my opinion for years to come.
At least until the fans of Rascal Flatts are old enough for their
opinion to be taken seriously and rebuked for such opinion.  Them
aside, there are two contenders and I will list my reasonings for
both.For most of my life there was a clear victor.  Those mop tops from
Liverpool, the Beatles, were far and away the most overrated band of
all time.  Everyone for generations has claimed this band changed
everything.  Well as Obama has proven, change is not always a good
thing. The people who sing their praises go on and on about what
musical and lyrical geniuses they were.  Most of these Americans have
no clue about what cryptic English things John is ranting on about in
his drug induced state.   And really when you decode these life
changing messages the feeling is akin to Ralphie scribbling that last
letter on his paper in the bathroom and then blurting obscenities
after reading “Be sure to drink your Ovaltine”.For me, the Beatles, to their discredit, only made two lasting
contributions to music.  One, they introduced the method of creating
clever euphemisms for drug use in their songs and trying to pass them
off as meaning something else.  Two, with the “Paul is dead” scandal, they
introduced the idea of hiding messages in songs that could only be
understood when played backwards.  This would be reused in the
80’s by metal bands to brainwash youth into devil worship.  Sorry I’m
not seeing why these guys deserve to be on collector plates in your
china cabinet next to Dale Earnhardt and John Wayne.  For years, these
guys were far and away the most overrated.

That was until the 90’s and Nirvana came on the scene.  These so
called inventors of grunge rock and teen angst have baffled me with
their following of bards trumpeting their praises.  These fans come
from the same vein as the clueless gent in the “Holy Grail” singing
the praises of Brave Sir Robin.  “Brave Sir Robin ran away, ran away
away. When danger reared its ugly head he bravely turned his tail and
fled, yes Brave Sir Robin turned about and gallantly he chickened
out”.  I’ve never heard any reason why these guys are relevant other
than Kurt Cobain offing himself because his music had been sold out to
the man and merchandised.  If that’s what makes a band great then why
are the Beatles on everything from mugs to toilet paper.  And what
about these amazing words of enlightenment that Kurt killed himself to
protect?  For all I know Kurt could be elegantly explaining expiation
but I can’t understand what he’s saying.  He’s like the Seattle
version of Boomhower but not nearly as cool.

So there you have these two “great” bands and I have to figure out
which one is more worthy of a “whatever” as some die hard fan rants on
and on about how “great” they were.  This is nothing to be taken
lightly.  After much thought it has come down to this.  Without the
Beatles there would be no “Turning Japanese” or “Dancing with Myself”.
With them, and admittedly with the help of preachers and youth
pastors, MegaDeth became a household name.  In fact I believe 58.3% of
all MegaDeth records were bought by youth pastors and written off on
church budgets as “reference materials”.  As sad as that is, it is
somewhat relevant.  But if there was no Nirvana we would still have
Pearl Jam.  And there you have a band with staying power that more
effectively conveyed the same message, whatever message teen angst is
suppose to convey, and did it in a way you could easily understand.
Even though I don’t understand why Pearl Jam could not find the butter
man.  I figured he would be stocking the dairy department of a local
grocery store.  Anyway, Nirvana’s only real contribution was that it’s
death meant the birth of the Foo Fighters.  They are not only a great
band but affirmed what the Monkees and Genesis have already taught us;
that a drummer can be a decent front man. But even that contribution
can not condone the hype of Nirvana. Think about it.  We don’t say The
Tracey Ullman Show was great just because it spun off The Simpsons.

So there you have flawless logic that I don’t think anyone can argue
against.  Nirvana is the most overrated band of all times, with the
Beatles and Rascal Flatts nipping at their heels.