The Creepiest Interview Ever

You’re running for senate.

In spite of all of the buttons, flyers and bumper stickers sporting your name, things just aren’t working out for you.  It looks like you’re going to lose.

So you do what any politician would do in this situation.

You go after that coveted demographic of five-year-old voters by dragging your own five-year-old son into your campaign.

And what results is quite possibly the creepiest father-son moment since that guy told us that his kid got abducted by a hot air balloon.

0:13 – Watch the dad’s lips.  I never liked ventriloquists but this is much, much worse.

“Son, when the man asks you a hard question, just look at daddy’s lips just like that time when the nice people from DFACS wanted to talk to us.”

0:43 – Little Hudson is about to turn into Chris Farley.

1:08 – Just over a minute into this interview and we hear what every parent like this always says.  The classic He Loves It Phrase.

“Oh, don’t worry about Hudson.  He loves getting his face pinched by strangers in seedy diners all day while his friends are back home watching Backyardigans.  Just so long as the campaign doesn’t get in the way of the 32 hours a week he spends doing golf lessons, I think he’ll be fine.”

1:38 – Here’s the part where little Hudson brings daddy’s campaign crashing to the ground like that empty hot air balloon I talked about earlier.  It’s looking like a couple of dozen extra laps are in store for Hudson after water polo practice is over tonight.

2:33 – Oh.  Okay.  I was starting to think that this was really creepy until he said that his own sister named these two The Nerd Herd.  Now it all makes perfect sense.  When can my kids come over?

2:40 – What does Hudson want to be when he grows up?  Right now, I’m guessing that he’s going to be the Todd Marinovich of politics.

2:41 – More reverse ventriloquism from daddy.

2:56 – Actually, little Hudson may grow up to be that kid from The Shinning that talks to his hands.

Now if you’ll please excuse me, I’ve got to go work with my 3-year-old.  He’s preaching my sermon for me this week.