Free Drugs

My two boys found an old notebook filled with pictures I drew when I was eleven years old.  They couldn’t wait to look at all the drawings from my childhood so they were very excited.  I was a little nervous.

Almost every picture that I drew had one of the same two themes: skateboards and guns.  There were pictures of dudes in weird shorts doing skateboard tricks, there were pictures of soldiers shooting guns at other soldiers, there were pictures of men holding skateboards and there were pictures of cowboys firing guns at other cowboys.  There were, however, no pictures of cowboys riding on skateboards while fighting in World War 2.  I’m still working on that one.

For some reason, in all the pictures I drew of men holding guns those men were also smoking cigarettes.  I blame this on watching too many bad 80s action movies where everyone was a cop that shot guns at people and smoked a lot.  My oldest son has yet to see any bad 80s action films so he was confused.

“Dad, why is everyone doing drugs in your pictures?”

If you’ve come across a parenting book that addresses how parents should answer a question like that, feel free to share the information.

The next day, my sons came to me with their own pictures, inspired by the ones I drew in my childhood.  The first picture they showed me was of several men standing around smoking.  They drew a sign next to the men that said, “Free Drugs.”  Everyone was having a grand time.  This alone is the reason why our kids are homeschooled.

“Pastor Sanders, in art class today your son drew another picture of men doing drugs and he said the he learned it from you.”

The Free Drugs Picture doesn’t bother me that much.  In fact, I’m glad my son drew it.  It was another reminder that my kids are watching me and copying almost everything I do.  Even the small things.

When I choose to get really anxious or worry about something, I’m teaching them to respond to difficult situations in the same way.

When I honor my wife, I’m teaching them what it means to show honor and respect to a woman.

When I sit down to lead our family in worship, I’m teaching them that there’s more to following Christ than getting dressed up and going to some building a few times a week.

My sons stood in front of me, waiting for my words of approval for the Free Drugs Picture.  I told him that it was a good drawing and then I told him to add a few police officers coming in to take the users of those free drugs off to jail.

Maybe that will make it easier for them later on when their sons find that picture.