It’s Got to be Braveheart!

“Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy is on the movie!”

My young son said that as he ran up to my wife, holding one of our DVDs.

He had been playing around our entertainment center and found a movie with what he thought to be me on the cover.

I quickly started thinking about which movie it could be.

I don’t think we own any DVDs with Brad Pitt on the cover so that can’t be it.

Braveheart!  It’s got to be Braveheart.  My son thinks I’m a warrior.  Yes!

It turns out that I was way, way off.

The DVD that my son gave to my wife while crying out, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” was called Johnny English.  It stars Rowan Atkinson.  Perhaps you know him by his more common name of Mr. Bean.

My son thinks I look like Mr. Bean.

And my wife thinks that this is funny.

I’m not sure what the spiritual or parental tie-in is here.  I’m sure that there is a lesson to be learned sooner or later.  But for now, there’s only one thing I can take from all of this.

I’ll never drive a Mini Cooper.