There’s Kool-Aid in the Tea

One of the things I’ve learned as a parent is how to interpret the screams and cries of my two sons.

When I hear one son crying, it means that the other son did something bad.  This is usually confirmed when the non-crying son starts saying, “I didn’t hit him!” as soon as he sees me.

When both sons are screaming, it most likely means that neither one of them did anything wrong.  The double scream usually means that they have just seen a bee, snake, rabid fox, teen driver or some combination of the four.  Take them away from the source of the fear and the problem is solved.

But one of the worst sounds that I can hear as a father is the sound of silence.  When both boys are quiet, I mean real quiet, that means that they’re both up to no good.

This November, American voters will choose between two candidates for their next president.  Both of those candidates are up to no good.

A few days ago I saw my first commercial from the Obama campaign.  In it, the president actually admits that his plan involves taking extra money away from the upper class and giving it to the middle and lower classes.  A decade ago this kind of talk would be used by one candidate as an accusation against the other.  Now, the man running for a second term as our president has made it a pillar of his campaign.  At least he’s honest.

For those who find President Obama’s views a bit too liberal for their liking, there is another option.  They can vote for the man who, the last time he held a public office, created his own massive healthcare plan and supported abortion.

But they don’t need to worry.  Mitt Romney has picked himself a young, Tea Party conservative for a running mate.  Paul Ryan’s experience with the federal budget and opposition to Obama’s healthcare plan will surely even things out.  Ryan has spent his entire career fighting against the kind of big government that President Obama is pushing.

Unless you count the time that he voted for TARP.

Oh, and that time he voted to bail-out of the automobile industry.

But other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln.

Mitt Romney’s constant flip-flops on abortion and healthcare along with Paul Ryan’s baffling support of big government spending looks an awful lot like two men who put politics before principle.  But even more worrisome is the willingness of some conservative voters to do the exact same thing.  It is as if they are saying that big government politicians with an R after their name are better than the big government politicians with Ds after theirs.

If only we could see that both are up to no good.

Instead, most have slurped the Kool-Aid that has been set before them and called it a tea party.