PSA V3: Who Is Derek Minor, An Album Review

Derek Minor is not interested in the norm.

The norm in Christian rap twenty years ago was rhymes about using a KJV 66 to bust a cap in a demon.

Ten years ago, the norm was slightly better music with a moralistic message about staying away from drugs and gangs.

Thankfully, artists like The Cross Movement and Lecrae came along and changed all of that.  They realized that it wasn’t a sin to mix solid, gospel-centered lyrics with high-quality original music.  And a movement was born.

So now if you buy a Christian rap album, you’re probably going to hear profound lyrical theology laid down over music that’s just as good as anything you’ll hear on the radio.

Derek Minor’s most recent album, PSA V3: Who Is Derek Minor is no exception.  But the norm for some rappers in this new movement is albums that seem like they were made to be enjoyed by middle-aged men at preaching conferences.  Again, Derek Minor likes to go against the norm.  Instead of talking about the gospel, on PSA V3,  he’s talking about how the gospel plays out in everyday life.

On In Spite of All, rather than just explaining the doctrine of justification in a rhyme, Minor tells stories about the pain caused by a senseless murder and an affair and compares them to the sins non-murderers and non-adulterers commit against God and the forgiveness he offers in return.  The sample is a classic.

In spite of all your wrongs, my love for you keeps growing strong.

On Feeling Good, Minor goes against the norm of rappers bragging about how rich they are.  Instead, he talks about trusting God while trying to support his family through high gas prices and a son who’s, “goin’ through Pampers like they goin’ outta style.”  There’s something really cool about hearing a rapper talking about only being able to “put ten in the tank.”  It reminds me of the old days of hip-hop.

And that’s one of the reasons why you’re probably not going to hear Derek Minor on one of the hip-hop stations on your radio dial.  Minor is too authentic and authenticity scares people away.  The masses would rather hear former prison guards and child actors pretending to be gangsters in between commercials for title pawn companies.  There’s no room for a legitimate Christian artist who actually lives what he raps about.

But again, Derek Minor is not interested in the norm.


You can download PSA V3: Who Is Derek Minor for free here.