Zero Tolerance for Dangerous Three-Year-Olds

What would you do if you were in charge of a school district?  And what if, enrolled in one of the schools in your district, there was a deaf three-year-old named Hunter Spanjer?  What would you do if the sign for Hunter’s name looked sort of like a gun?

a.)  Would you forget about it?  After all, it’s just sign language and it is the kid’s name.

b.) Or would you make young Hunter change his name?  I mean, he’s only had it for three years.  Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to get used to a new one this early.

Guess which option officials from Nebraska’s Grand Island school district chose?

Eventually, after receiving enough hate mail and death threats, the school district decided to allow Hunter to keep his name.  Thank you, Grand Island School District, for doing your best to protect citizens from tiny, crossed fingers that kind of, sort of, well, if you look at them a certain way could resemble a gun.

Hopefully we’ve all learned our lesson from this and from now on will consult with our local school district before naming our children.