The Disturbing Robot and Monty Python

After the robots take over, I’m sure we’ll all look back at this video and wonder what we were thinking.  Well, assuming that the robots will let us use YouTube.

0:16 – Is there a Robot Builders Rule Book that requires all robot builders to make their robots talk like C3PO?  Come on!  You’re building a robot.  Make the thing talk like Dikembe Mutombo.  Or Johnny Cash.  Hearing this guy talk made me feel like I did the first time I heard Mike Tyson say something.

0:28 – Rude!  Apparently Jules wasn’t programmed to let people quit talking before he starts talking.  There’s nothing more annoying than an inconsiderate robot.

0:41 – Serial killer grin in 3, 2, 1…

“You must, simply must, come to visit me in England.  I’ll be enjoying a nice side of fava beans.”

1:05 – “I love you deeply.  As deeply as synthetic intelligence can at this stage in technological evolution.”

At this stage in technological evolution?  It looks like the Democratic National Convention is going to have to amend their views on marriage.  Again.

1:26 – Childhood innocence will be lost in three seconds.

1:48 –  “Some day I will come and find you and we’ll be good friends.”

Even on my worst day as a parent, at least I can lay my head down at night knowing that I didn’t program a robot to tell my young son that he’s going to “come and find him.”

This kid is going to need a lot of therapy.

2:10 – It’s very important that you watch this.  Whenever you see Jules, this is how you kill him.

Oh, before you go, here’s one more quick robot clip.  What would come to your mind if you saw a weird looking robot walking up a hill in the woods?  Star Wars?  Terminator?  Of course not!  You’d think of Monty Python, right?  Yeah, me too.