Monkey Rodeo!

The lesson here is a simple one.  Kids, if you follow your dreams, you could grow up to staple a monkey on the back of a dog.

0:28 – Remember that movie where John Wayne starred as the director of a monkey rodeo?  Yeah, neither do I.

0:38 – By far, this is the most hilarious quote in You Tube history.

1:39 – Indiana Pacers?!  When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to walk on the gym floor if we were wearing shoes with black soles.  Why does this guy get to bring sheep, monkeys and dogs onto the floor?  I don’t get it.

1:46 – You are three seconds away from a shortstop that’s not a big fan of monkeys riding on dogs.

2:11 – I’ll take Things That John Wayne Never Said for 200, Alex.

“That monkey rides that dog better than a cowboy rides a horse,” is the new most hilarious quote in You Tube history.

2:32 – If red, white and blue jumpsuits and monkey rodeos don’t make you cry, you have no soul.

2:45 – I’m pretty sure that this guy has a bumper sticker that says, “My girlfriend told me that if I didn’t quit making monkeys ride on dogs at minor league baseball games she would leave.  I’m sure gonna miss her.”

Follow your dreams!