SNL Gets It Right

It was a very difficult weekend in our nation.

This week there will be a lot of people talking about new gun control laws and free mental health.  If history is any indicator, the grieving is over.  Now it’s time for people to start forcefully and loudly promoting their agenda.

But Saturday night, just for a minute and a half, it almost seemed like we were all on the same team.  Saturday night, as is often the case in the wake of a tragedy, as we grieved we got to see the glory of God in an unfamiliar place.

At the beginning of an iconic television show, a lot of Americans were reminded of the powerful, old story about a King that was born of a virgin.

May God use his Church to tell the world that the Holy Infant left the manger and began on a path that led him directly to the cross where he would conquer sin and death.