The Just One Child Scheme

There is a dangerous strand of logic that keeps popping up in the gun control debate.  It goes a little something like this.

“If tighter gun restrictions save the life of just one child, isn’t it all worth it?”

One reason that this is dangerous is that it fails to recognize the fact that a gun in the hand of a responsible citizen actually saves lives.

A few weeks ago a Georgia woman took advantage of her second amendment right when a man broke into her home to hunt down her and her two children.  She emptied her weapon into the man, saving herself and her children.  Coincidentally, those two children weren’t asked to stand behind the president last week while he signed his new gun laws.  I don’t know this woman or her two children but I’m sure that she doesn’t want to hear anything about less guns saving the lives of just one child.

Nor does the guy in my church who was home one night last week while two guys were trying to break down his front door.  In this case a shotgun saved three lives.  Just the sight of it sent the two would be intruders back to their cave and allowed the homeowner to begin the search for a new front door.

Another danger of The Just One Child Scheme is that it can be used to support the loss of nearly any freedom and the growth of any government power.

Every year kids die because of peanut allergies.  If banning peanuts saves just one child, isn’t it all worth it?  You wouldn’t want to support anything that hurts the kids now would you, peanut lovers?  How dare you enjoy that peanut butter and jelly sandwich?  You’re feasting on an instrument of death!  Why do you hate kids so much?

Slogans and catch phrases can be dangerous and The Just One Child Scheme is a great example.

When children are used to promote an agenda it is very important to look beyond the appeal to emotions and examine what lies at the root of the argument.  In this case I think that we will find that it’s not the kids that our leaders are concerned about.

After all, why would a group of people who promote and ensure funding for the murder of millions of innocent babies every year suddenly care about saving just one child?