Zebra Loss Prevention

Zoo Worker #1: “We had another zebra escape.”

Zoo Worker #2: “Crikey!  What are we going to do about this?”

Zoo Worker #1: “I was thinking that maybe we could get you to dress up in a zebra suit.  You know, sort of like the Chick-fil-a cow except it’s a zebra.  And then we could have you run around.  You’re pretty fast and strong so I’m guessing that if we could catch you that should adequately prepare us to catch a real zebra the next time one escapes.”

Zoo Worker #2: “Hmmm.  Well, will I get to knock Jerry down and get shot with a tranquilizer gun?”

Zoo Worker #1: “You bet.  I’ll even do you one better.  We’ll call the BBC and have them come out to film our little exercise so that people all over the world can laugh at us.”

Zoo Worker #2: “You’ve got yourself a deal, Mister.  Now give me that zebra suit!”