Melissa Harris-Perry’s Trap Floor

I love to run through the woods.  It’s how I start most of my mornings.  But running through the woods can be dangerous.  A while back I stepped on a rock and messed up my ankle pretty bad.  I was about five miles from my truck so I spent the next hour trying to do those crazy breathing exercises my wife learned when she was pregnant.

A while before that I almost stepped on a snake.  A big brown snake.  When I saw it I automatically started doing the Deion Sanders high step and screaming and moaning like I was trying out for a Doors cover band.

And of course there’s the occasional weirdo that you find out in the woods.  No, not the one doing breathing exercises while high stepping and impersonating Jim Morrison.  Other weirdos.  Like the grown men with plastic swords that spend the afternoon pretending to kill each other.

Sometimes I have to run on a track.  The track is perfectly safe.  I’ve never turned my ankle at the track.  There are no snakes and no fighting swordsmen.  Just me and the elders of the community.  Going about our business.  In circles.  Which is another way of saying that we never go anywhere.

Melissa Harris-Perry set off a firestorm earlier this week with her comments encouraging communities, not parents, to take ownership of children.  MSNBC released another promo this week featuring Harris-Perry.  This time her sights were set on money.

In the promo, Harris-Perry says that, “we have to have a floor under which nobody falls.”  This is yet another progressive idea that sounds loving and forward thinking but, upon closer examination, is exactly the opposite.  When we depend on the government to establish such a floor we can count on there being a ceiling about two, maybe three inches above that floor.

In a free society, there are most certainly dangers.  People can get hurt.  They can lose everything.  But they can get back up.  The sky is still the limit, so to speak.

But in a society with a government mandated floor things look a lot safer because everyone is more alike.  There’s no fat cat soaring through the sky while some poor cat plunges into free fall.  No, in this society, there are no free falls, or so we are told.  But what we are not told is that there is also no soaring.  Everyone is pretty much in the same class, lying on the government mandated floor while praying for the government mandated ceiling not to come any closer.

Harris-Perry goes on to say that all people have the right to, “health care, and to education and to decent housing and to quality food at all times.”  This is the same short-sighted line of reasoning that is slowly chipping away at the concept of free speech in this country where tolerance is god and those who refuse to bow are not tolerated.

It works the same economically.  It sounds good to say that everyone has a right to the best doctor, a high dollar education, a sweet house and grilled salmon with a side of rice and a glass of bourbon.  But upon closer examination we learn that someone has to pay for all of that.  It suddenly doesn’t seem so loving when a family can’t afford to fund their so-called right to quality medical care, good food and nice schools because they are forced to fund someone else’s quality medical care, good food and nice schools.

Melissa Harris-Perry is not the problem here.  The real problem is her employer.  Remember the days when news organizations just told us that the president was coming to town?  Neither do I.  But I am told that at one time that was the case.  Now, instead of just letting us know to expect a little traffic during the presidential traffic, MSNBC and Fox News feels the need to share their opinion on why the president is coming to town while at the same time telling us how we should feel about his visit.

When major media outlets stop reporting about the president and start reporting for the president we shouldn’t waste our time worrying about the loss of individual liberty.  Most likely, it’s already been lost.

We were just too busy fighting for our presumed right to a leaner cut of steak to notice.