“One Dollar, Bob.”

A few things about this video.

1. Bob Barker commits a hate crime (0:05).

2. People get way, way too excited about carpet (0:37).

3. Jose has never seen The Price Is Right (1:30).



4. Bob Barker is really impatient. In fact, he’s kind of a jerk (1:41).

5. Jose either…

a.) Has no concept of finance

b.) Works for the IRS

c.) All of the Above

6. Jose is at least man enough to know when he’s done something stupid (1:52).

7. Take back what I said earlier about Bob Barker. He’s actually very kind and gracious (1:58).

8. Hit pause at 2:23. Gay is a serial killer (2:23).

9. Jose still thinks he has a chance (2:47).

10. Why is Gay so surprised (3:05)?

So the moral of the story is quite clear. If you ever make it on The Price Is Right and you’re not quite sure what to do, always, and I mean always, say, “One dollar, Bob.”