Things To Consider When Looking For A Solid College To Attend

1. Does it have a snack bar? (0:33)

2. Will there be canoes available? (0:55)

3. Does the ladies dorm look like a hotel one would find in the Swiss Alps? (1:05)

4. Does the men’s dorm look like an apartment complex in Dunwoody, Georgia? (1:25)

5. Are there at least five dead animals in said men’s dorm? (1:29)

6. Could Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman have been filmed there? (1:32)

7. Salad bar? (2:12)

8. Skirt volleyball? (2:18)

9. Is there a special wall to protect skirt volleyball players from heathens and their basketball games? (2:20)

10. Will people be locked in a glass cage and forced to play racquetball for hours and hours in order to be studied for scientific purposes? (2:25)

11. Is there a pool that no one is allowed to use? (2:30)

12. Are there gender based weight rooms? (2:35)

13. Oh, I almost forgot. Do they have books and a place to read them? (2:47)

14. Do the classrooms come with desks that were taken from a third grade classroom? (2:52)

If you can somehow find an institution that offers all of this, then you have obviously found the place to be. You’ll thank me later.