A Conversation That Your Son Just Might Have With His Son In The Year 2025

The following is a conversation that your son just might have with his son in the year 2025.

“Dad, what was it like when you were growing up?”

“Those were the days, son. We had a lot of fun going to church, playing games, listening to music, learning and being together as a family.”

Going to church?”

“Yes. We got to go to a building and meet with other people a few times a week. It was great.”

“But what about the Council on Religious Freedom? Did they ever try to stop you or tell you what to say?”

“No. They didn’t come around until I was a little older.”

“What did people do for fun?”

“It depended on the person. Everyone was different and pretty much free to do what they wanted. I played sports and hunted.”

“Hunted? What’s that?”

“Well, we used guns to shoot animals so that we could eat them.”

“What!? Guns! How did you not get caught by the People’s Security Force?”

“Well, they didn’t come around until later either.”

“I can’t believe you were allowed to have guns. Is it true what they say? Are guns too complicated for regular citizens like us to handle?”

“No, son. That’s just foolish talk. Remember, don’t believe everything they tell you at the Mind Enhancement Center.”

“Yes sir. Did you have the Hunger Games when you were a kid.”

“Yeah but it was just a book and later a movie. We didn’t have to actually compete in them like you do.”

“Dad, it sounds like life was pretty nice back when you were a kid.”

“It was.”

“Well, what happened? How did it get like this? Did the Chairman just come in one day and change everything?”

“No. It happened over time in a thousand small ways. Nobody ever saw it coming.”

“How could they not see something like this coming?”

“Everyone was busy.”

“Busy doing what?”

“Reality TV. Celebrity gossip. The Voice.”


“Never mind.”

“Well I better get back to work, dad. Things have gotten really hard since the Chairman said that we had to start using our own straw to make the bricks.”

“I bet, son. I’m just really sorry that it came to this. I wish someone would have done more back before it was too late.”

“Don’t worry about that dad. You just focus on getting well again so you can come back and help us make more bricks for the Chairman.”

“Fair enough. I just hope that I can find a doctor who can see me soon.”

“You will. The Chairman says that the website will be up and running by the end of the month. You should get some help then.”

“It seems like I’ve heard that one before. I’ll talk to you later, son.”