The Hardest Chapter in the Bible To Preach and Why It Matters Today

Genesis 19.

You won’t find any Vacation Bible School themes based on that chapter.

In it we see human depravity on display like nowhere else. Well, unless you count our modern, forward-thinking society. In a lot of ways, it’s like we’re still in Genesis 19.

Sodom was a bad place. That’s why Lot convinced his visitors to stay with him at his home rather than sleeping out in the town square (19:1-3). But when the story takes us to Lot’s house with his guests, that’s when things go sideways.

That night, every man in the city surrounded Lot’s house with evil intentions. Those intentions had nothing to do with robbing or looting. No, this mob was only interested in one thing.


And they called out to Lot, “Where are the men who came to you tonight? Bring them out to us that we may know them.” Genesis 19:5


“We’re here to gang rape your two visitors. So hand them over.”

Lot walks outside of his house, shutting the door behind him, and confronts the violent mob. His response is one of the more chilling verses in all of the Bible.

“Behold, I have two daughters who have not known any man. Let me bring them out to you, and do to them as you please. Only do nothing to these men, for they have come under the shelter of my roof.” Genesis 19:5 (ESV)

Lot, being the tolerant, forward-thinking man that he was, offered up his own daughters to be gang raped. His own daughters. “Do with them as you please.” Really?

It’s bad that every man in the city wanted to rape the two visitors. It’s even worse that Lot offered up his own virgin daughters in their place.

To some, the stories of the Old Testament seem as though they took place in another world. But a closer look reveals that not much has changed in the few thousand years since Lot offered up his own daughters.

In our modern, forward-thinking world, mothers pimp out their own small children.

But our child sacrifices are usually more subtle.

Like when a father allows his daughter to leave the home dressed in clothes that a prostitute wouldn’t dream of wearing in public 20 years ago. A quick question for fathers. If you’re even there to notice, what are you expecting to happen when your teenage daughter leaves the house in super short shorts with something written on the back of them? Any thoughts? I’ll tell you what you should expect. Somebody is going to read it. And they’ll take their time doing so. I wonder if fathers even know that they, like Lot, are offering up their own daughters as objects of our sex-saturated culture’s twisted fantasies.

Lot essentially opened the front door of his home, inviting that angry mob into the bedroom of his two daughters. Today, through anything from clothes to social media, fathers do the same thing.

The angry mob refused Lot’s offer of his two daughters. Not their type it seems. But you can be sure that today’s angry mob will not refuse your daughters.

In our culture, we like to treat the symptoms, not the root. That’s how most modern medicine works. And, sadly, it’s how our culture tries to rebuild the shattered pieces of a life ravaged by perversion. So we have entire government agencies devoted to free birth control and abortifacients. Foolishly, we call such things protection.

But we quickly forget that there is no condom or pill that can protect the human heart. And sex is a heart issue long before and long after it ever becomes a physical issue.

Lot, like many fathers today, abandoned his daughters. Protecting them was one of his primary responsibilities. He failed miserably. I wonder if his daughters heard him as he offered them to that angry mob of perverts. If so, how did that impact them? I think we get a good idea as the chapter goes on.

And the firstborn said to the younger, “Our father is old, and there is not a man on earth to come in to us after the manner of all the earth. Come, let us make our father drink wine, and we will lie with him, that we may preserve offspring from our father.” Genesis 19:31-32 (ESV)


“There’s no one else who will have sex with us. We’re going to die unloved and childless unless we get our own father drunk and have sex with him.”

I told you this was a hard chapter to preach.

In our tolerant, forward-thinking culture, incest is still off limits. For the moment anyway. It’s only a matter of time before the If Two People Really Love Each Other Argument breaks down that barrier as well. This is not to say that our kids are going to grow up accepting incest as the norm. But it does show us that bad ideas have bad consequences.

For Lot’s daughters, having sex with their father probably seemed normal because of the skewed sexual message they got from their father back home in front of that angry mob.

And again, not much has changed. Why is that we’re surprised at the decline of common decency in our society when we never first cared to address it at home? Like I said, bad ideas have bad consequences.

Fathers, hug your daughters when you leave for work and when you come home in the morning. Kiss them before they go to bed. I don’t care how old they are. Too many girls grow up never knowing what it feels like to experience healthy affection and so they settle for the perverted variety from our culture’s angry mob. To them, the blind perverts reaching for their bodies just seems normal (Genesis 19:11).

Fathers, take the time to see what your daughters are wearing. What are they taking pictures of? What pictures are they being sent? It’s your job to know these things.

Stop offering them up to the mob.

Instead, stand in the way of the mob on their behalf.

And you just might find that you are the only protection they’ll ever need.