Straight A Haters


It’s a big problem in our culture.

We want to be big and strong but we don’t want to work out and eat right.

We want nice food and smart phones but we don’t want a job to pay for them.

“No problem,” says a significant number of influential leaders in our culture. “We’ll just level the playing field.”

Leveling the playing field never means encouraging people to work harder. It usually means rewarding people for the hard work that someone else has done.

Such was the case at a Maryland middle school where school administrators organized a pizza party and dance for straight A students. It sounds simple enough. But just to be safe, administrators decided to invite all of the rest of the students, you know, the one’s with a 13 average in PE, to show up near the end of the party after the smart kids ate all the pizza.

That’s where the problem arises.

“Why can’t my precious angel with a 13 average in PE have pizza too?” cried the parents of said underachieving students.

And then the second problem.

A local news station saw fit to make a story out of the parental crying. Apparently there were no apartment fires to report on that day. But this was more than a story, really. It was a commentary or an editorial disguised as a news story. That’s pretty much what all news is today.

Watch the reporter in the clip below as she talks to the straight A students as if they just threw pipe bombs at a nursing home. And then listen to the anchors at the end of the clip as one of them suggests a “special plaque” for all of the rest of the students. A special plaque?

A special plaque!

“John David, don’t forget to turn in your homework from last semester so I can give you your plaque.”

I have to ask again.

A special plaque?!

What’s so special about it, if everybody gets one.

This should have never been on the news. The fact that it was leads us to the moral of our story. It’s a lesson that we must all pay attention to if we want to know at least a little of what is behind our decline as a culture and what we can do to correct it, stop it or at least slow it down.

Here’s the lesson.

100% of all people want something. But only about 50% of those people are willing to work for it. And in the name of leveling the playing field, some in the media and politics are quick to denigrate those willing to work. In the end, one way or another, we all end up paying. All 100% of us.