A Not So Fictional Speech From The Not So Distant Future


The following is a not so fictional speech from the not so distant future.

“My fellow Americans,

We are a nation built on principles. Principles like love, justice, fairness and tolerance. Our nation started when people left their home country to pursue a better life here. Since that time, millions of others have followed with the same dream. The American dream is one where people are free to love who they choose and to express that love as they choose. It is a dream where ideas and lifestyles are tolerated and people are treated with fairness. It is a dream where justice comes crashing down on those wishing to stand in the way of that dream. It gives me great pride to see the American dream slowly becoming the American reality for so many people.

But, as you all know, there are those who are opposed to this American way of life. They gather one, two, even three times a week in buildings where they rely on an overly literal interpretation of an antiquated text to preach hate against those of us wishing to find our place in the new American reality.

It’s more than sermons. It’s also the members of these hate cults refusing to sell their goods to gay, lesbian, transgender and polygamous Americans who wish to express their love in marriage. As we so often see with acts of terror, it didn’t stop there. Recently there have been numerous leaders, some call them pastors, of these hate cults that some call churches who have refused to officiate gay, lesbian, transgender and polygamous wedding ceremonies.

Ours is a culture established on love and tolerance. Of all sectors in our society, we would least expect religious organizations to stand in the way of this. Most do not. They practice their religion freely but they have the decency to step away from their traditions when those traditions stand in the way of progress and the greater good. This is the pure and undefiled religion that great men like Jesus would approve of.

Sadly, there are some hate cults who spread their hate in the name of Jesus. For years they have been doing this while also enjoying tax exemptions. Let me be clear. We are a nation of freedom. But we are not a nation that supports hate by granting financial breaks to those terror cells which promote it.

So it is with great joy that I have taken action to stop this. I have tried to act with a Congress that is too bogged down in partisan politics. There is no time for such silliness when loving, hard working Americans are suffering. Americans like Jean Williams, Gayle Lafayette and Shawn Timmons are told that the church in the town where they grew up is ‘not the place’ for them to express their love in marriage. This is why I have acted on my own in the form of an executive order that I hope will do away with the hate that we have ignored for far too long in this country.

There are three phases to my plan; financial, instructional and correctional. First, churches and religious organizations which refuse to marry gay, lesbian, transgender and polygamous citizens will no longer enjoy a tax exempt status. Second, the leaders of such churches will be instructed through a series of mandatory training intensives overseen by the Ministry of Religious Matters. Those refusing the guidance of the Ministry of Religious Matters will move into the correctional phase where they will face a swift and just punishment for their crimes of hate.

My detractors will make their voices heard. They will argue that this executive order will do great harm to free speech and the freedom of religion. But they will forget one thing. They will forget the great harm that some speech and religion has done to so many citizens in this country who simply want a better life with the ones they love. Make no mistake, this executive order is not an attack on freedom. It is an attack on hate. Hate does much more harm to the democracy that we enjoy than any executive order could ever hope to do.

This is a step in the right direction for America. It may be painful for some but in the end it will make us stronger, fairer and more unified. Our nation cannot afford not to be unified. We must stand as one. You must not believe the words of those who tell us that the sky is falling, along with our liberties. You must trust those of us who are fighting on your behalf. You must pursue love and tolerance.

No matter the cost.

Thank you and God bless America.”