A Consistent Response To The Burning Of Babies


Remember the good old days when science fiction was, well, fiction? These days, about every week or so, news breaks that reminds us that there’s something to the old saying. Truth is stranger than fiction. Even science fiction.

The Telegraph is reporting that several hospitals in the United Kingdom have been burning the remains of miscarried and aborted fetuses. In at least two instances, hospitals incinerated babies in order to generate heat throughout the building.

I hate to sound like an old man here but there was a time when such a thing would never even be considered if it were submitted as the plot of a television show.

Now it has become a reality.

As you might expect, British officials are appalled. I don’t know those British officials so it’s hard to say if their being appalled is due to the fact that babies are being burned or that they got caught allowing babies to be burned. Maybe time will tell.

For pro-lifers like myself, the story is just another example of a culture of death that seems to know no geographic boundaries or moral limits. Last year it was Dr. Kermit Gosnell grabbing all of the headlines for his house of horrors otherwise known as a women’s health clinic. This year it’s a hospital. Like a bad horror movie, the stories keep coming our way and they keep getting worse.

But the most interesting response to this story, the one I’m curious to hear, will come from the pro-choice crowd. Surely they won’t have a problem with a mere “mass of cells” being used to heat a hospital. Where else other than an oven or a trash can, they might tell us, should we dispose of unwanted children? And in a culture where allegedly caring for the world has taken precedence over caring for the people who live in the world (or want to live in it), how is burning an unwanted child any more immoral than heating your home with resources that were taken from the earth?

They won’t admit it but the story of aborted and miscarried babies to heat hospitals creates quite the dilemma for those in favor of abortion. Most likely, their initial response to such a story will be that of disgust. It’s how we’re supposed to react when we find out that a building’s heating system is fueled by dead babies. But then they will remember their core beliefs about life and responsibility and be forced to address the inconsistency of their outrage.

Or, most likely, they’ll just ignore this story all together.

We don’t like coming to grips with the flaws and logical conclusions of our faulty views. Ignoring those flaws and logical conclusions is much easier. That’s why you shouldn’t expect to hear too much about this from your favorite mainstream news outlet. Real stories like this preach a far different narrative than the one of happiness and freedom most purveyors of abortion send our way.

A story about heating a hospital with dead babies forces supporters of abortion to ask themselves a very difficult question. Why is it that the burning of a dead child to heat a hospital is cruel, barbaric and inhumane while the burning, suffocating or strangling of a living child in order to allow the mother to enjoy the lifestyle she wants is presented as one of the more noble characteristics of a truly progressive society?

If they’re willing to look beneath the surface of their ideology, perhaps those in favor of abortion will see that there’s not much of a difference between full-blown barbarism and their brave new world of progressivism.

Any attempt to separate the two is nothing more than science fiction.