The New Moral Majority


I grew up under the reign of the Moral Majority. If you’re not familiar with the Moral Majority, here’s a quick summary.

Everything that you’re doing is bad so we’re going to boycott you.

To be clear, that wasn’t printed on any Moral Majority flyers or bumper stickers and it was never spoken by any of the leaders. It’s just the message that was broadcast from some of their most faithful supporters. Faithful supporters have a way of taking things where they should never go. And then things quickly get out of hand. Suddenly, everything is bad.

Rock and roll was bad. And not just the devil worshiping variety. Soft rock was bad too. I once heard a preacher go on and on about the Satanic aspects of Meatloaf. The singer, not the food. He went on to take shots at The Eagles song Take It Easy because it encouraged listeners to, well, take it easy. What could be more Satanic than taking it easy?

Most books were bad. Blue jeans were bad. Television was bad. Disney World was bad. Dancing was bad.

All of this badness usually centered around sex. Books were bad because they might say something about sex. Blue jeans were bad because they made people want to have sex. Television was bad because it showed people about to have sex. Disney World was bad because, well, we’re not sure but don’t ask any questions. It was just bad, okay. Dancing was bad because it looked a little too much like sex. Music was bad because, and I’m not making this up, if the drum beat was faster than your heartbeat you would probably want to have sex. This, coupled with the fact that slow jams from The Eagles might encourage one to take it a little too easy, left us with only flute solos to listen to while we wore slacks and visited Brother Dale’s Bible Jamboree and Amusement Park. If you ever get a chance to go, I recommend the Bible Drill ride. Purely exhilarating.

Like most movements centered around man made rules, the Moral Majority went away. And, as is usually the case, another movement popped up in it’s place. One that was much worse.

It couldn’t be more different than the Moral Majority in what it believes to be right and wrong but the basic operating principle with the New Moral Majority is similar.

Everything that you’re doing is bad so we’re going to boycott you. Or have you reeducated. Or fired. Or sued.

The New Moral Majority likes to talk a lot about acceptance. It’s the practicing of said acceptance where they start to have their problems. So, for example, they’ll tell us that everyone should have a right to speak while doing everything that they can to make sure that if you donated a few bucks to an organization that supports traditional marriage, you can forget about keeping your job as a CEO or host of a home design show.

Regardless of what the name tells you, the Moral Majority never really was a majority. Mainly because they didn’t have the mainstream media functioning as their public relations, marketing and advertising firm. The New Moral Majority has all of that and a little more. And by a little more, I mean the federal government.

When was the last time that you saw so much publicity given to a college athlete who came pretty close to not getting selected in the NFL draft? When was the last time that a sitting U.S. president publicly congratulated a seventh round draft pick? Michael Sam, the league’s first openly gay player, had cameras on him, watching him on behalf of the world for the moment when he would finally get the call from an NFL team. That call finally came. Sam cried. And then he kissed his boyfriend. In front of the watching world.

Imagine the scene in the room where Sam was waiting. I picture someone with the Federal Department of Sports and Sexuality getting everyone ready.

“Okay, Michael. You’re going to get the call in just another second or so. We had the IRS work out a deal with the Rams. Remember to cry and then do the kiss. Cry. Then kiss. Whatever you do, don’t forget the kiss. And 3, 2, 1, action!”

America, so we are told, loved this slice of reality television.

But woe unto he whom doeth not approve of such a public display of affection.

Take Miami Dolphin Don Jones, for example. When he saw the kiss he tweeted that it was “Horrible.” He didn’t say, “Hey, let’s all get together and beat Michael and his little friend sometime tomorrow.” He didn’t say, “There’s no room in the league for this.” He just said, “Horrible.”

And he got fined.

And banned from team activities. (Note: Team activities for the Dolphins most likely include the polishing of all of their participation trophies, trying to figure out a way to bring Dan Marino out of retirement and watching public service announcements about bullying. This might not be such a bad punishment from Jones’ perspective).

Jones was also ordered to attend a different sort of off-season training camp where he will be taught to say, “Golly, look at those two brave fellows kissing one another. Gather ’round kids. This is history in the making!”

The original Moral Majority was called narrow-minded and accused of sensationalism and censorship. None of those accusations were without merit.

But you better be careful if you say the same thing about the New Moral Majority. If you call their rejection of varying opinions narrow-minded or accuse them of censorship when they have some television show cancelled or book banned, you might get to spend the summer learning how to be more sensitive with Miami Dolphin Don Jones.

They are the Majority, remember?

And majorities have a way of getting what they want.

No matter how immoral it may be.