The Week That Was: No American Kings And No Cup For Coulter


The Middle East

What is there to say, really? It’s all a mess. Gangsters and con-men are running the show. Average citizens are suffering. Even Christians are being singled out to pay extra taxes. Collapse seems certain.

But enough about our country.

Things are even worse in the Middle East where whatever was accomplished while American troops were there seems to be quickly unraveling. And at the core of all of this unraveling is a group of terrorists that just six months ago were called a junior varsity basketball team by President Obama.

To the president’s credit, there are some junior varsity basketball teams in North Carolina that could beat the Atlanta Hawks. I’m sure that’s the angle he was going for.

You’re No King

President Obama got elected by convincing people that he would be a uniter, not a divider. He proved good on that promise Thursday when the Supreme Court unified themselves to unanimously remind the president that he is, well, a president and not a king. They said that the president violated the Constitution in 2012 when he went around the Senate to appoint officials to the National Labor Relations Board.

It is no small task to get nine people to agree on something, especially when those nine people are powerful men and women who come from a wide range of political schools of thought.

Here’s to hoping that the president continues to unite us around the Constitution.

No Cup For Coulter

There’s something else that’s unifying Americans. Soccer. The sport has never really caught on here in the states, at least not to the level of baseball and football. But it is attracting quite a few viewers, thanks to the U.S. Men’s National Team’s good showing in the World Cup. For once, there’s something to cheer about in our country.

Unless your name happens to be Ann Coulter.

She said that the popularity of the sport that is (gasp!) sometimes enjoyed by liberals and that sometimes ends in a tie is evidence of our nation’s “moral decay.”

I beg to differ. There are a lot of places to look for evidence of our moral decay. Soccer isn’t one of them. But we could easily begin our search for said moral decay by taking a look at the people who like to get on TV and yell at other people with whom they disagree.

Critics of soccer say that it’s a silly game where people kick a ball around until the game ends in a tie, leaving nothing settled.

But the same could be said every time we see Ann Coulter on television. When’s the last time you heard someone say, “You know, I was all for raising the debt ceiling until Ann Coulter started screaming at me.”

In conclusion, you don’t have to like soccer. You don’t even have to watch it. Just don’t get upset when a lot of other people are. Even the president watched the U.S. play against Germany on Thursday.

I just wish we knew which team he was cheering for.

Have a great weekend!