Asleep At The Post

The world is on fire. And one of the groups that can do the most to put out those fires isn’t doing too much. Many of them are asleep at their post.

There are two types of evil children.

One is what we might call Cute Evil. This is the evil that less cautious parents laugh at. It’s the rolled eye at a young age that makes the witless father say, “See there, she’s like her mother already.” It’s the laziness that doesn’t go unnoticed by parents, just uncorrected. It’s the embarrassing temper tantrum that only draws attention but never draws discipline. All because it looks cute.

And then there is the other evil. This is the Your Kid Just Might Grow Up To Be Charlie Manson type of evil. This is the rebellion that is bold and daring. It’s the hurtful word that is used with deadly precision. 

I’ve seen both types. I’ve seen it in shopping centers and I’ve seen it during jailhouse visits. I’m no statistician or sociologist. I’m just a husband and a pastor trying my best to train my children up the right way. But there’s something that I’ve noticed in my encounters with these two types of evils. Something that children from both categories seem to be missing. 

A father.

Don’t get me wrong. There are plenty of kids who are raised by single mothers who turn out to be solid adults. And there are just as many kids who grow up with a father in the home but who still make regular appearances on your late local news for all of the wrong reasons. But a dad can be at home and still not be on the job. It’s possible for a man to be at his post but not really at his post.

My grandfather fought in the South Pacific during World War II. He brought a lot of stories back with him. He would share some of them with me when I was a kid. My favorite one involved one of those men who was at his post but not really at his post.

My grandfather was spending the night in a hole in the ground. Two other men were with him. The plan was to take turns sleeping while one man pulled guard duty. After his shift was over my grandfather refused to go to sleep. It’s not that he wasn’t tired. It’s just that he didn’t trust the man who was taking his place. He knew that having him on duty meant having no one on duty. So my grandfather slept with one eye opened. That is to say, he didn’t really sleep.

I’m glad.

Early into the shift, the man charged with keeping watch fell asleep. Out of his one eye that was opened, my grandfather noticed an enemy soldier slowly crawling up to the hole that he was sharing with his friends.

Seeing as how you’re reading this today, you can probably guess how my grandfather reacted. 

Like I said, it’s possible for a man to be at his post but not really at his post. It’s true on a battlefield and it’s true in the home. The only difference is that in the home, my grandfather isn’t there to play back up for the scores of so-called fathers who are asleep at their post while countless enemies come creeping for their children.

Politicians and community activists tell us that it takes a village to raise a child. Feminists and trend setters in the world of education would like to convince us that Heather and her two mommies are doing just fine, thank you.

But reality is telling us something completely different. 

Kids need fathers. They don’t need couch dwellers. They don’t need dictators. They don’t need overaged buddies. And they certainly don’t need some guy who is asleep at his post.

Kids need fathers.

I know that such a claim sounds politically incorrect. It’s not my aim to pit one parent against the other. Fathers are not more important than mothers. Both matter. Both are needed. Both must work together.

But in our rush to prove our forward thinking, it seems as though we’ve gotten too advanced for the concept of fatherhood. Dads have gone the way of MC Hammer’s pants – so last century. 

And would you just look at what that’s gotten us. Generations of cute little evil kids. And thousands more who are sure to find their names in the paper, not for achievements in athletics or academics but police blotter.

There are two types of evil for a small child.

There are also two types of fathers for a small child.

One father is asleep at his post. The other is engaged. He’s active. He’s kneeling in prayer for his kid. He’s standing up for his kid when predators come. He’s standing up to his kid when evil rears its ugly head. 

If you’re the dad who’s trying to do it the right way, keep it up. None of us are perfect. Don’t get discouraged. Stay the course. If you’re the woman married to that man, pray for him, love him and encourage him. He’s more of a blessing to your family than you realize.

Perhaps you’re the dad who is asleep at his post and someone sent this your way to read and to consider. You need to thank that person. More than that, you need to wake up. Whether you realize it or not, no matter how small, cute and intelligent your child may be, he’s evil. Just like the rest of us. And that evil carries with it consequences that he will have to give an account for. 

Your kid’s behavior has nothing to do with President Obama, radical Islam, “times getting bad” or “the wrong crowd.” It has a lot more to do with you being asleep at your post.

In Ephesians 6:4, Paul tells fathers to bring their children up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. It’s interesting that he doesn’t just say for us to bring our children up in discipline and instruction. That’s because all fathers are bringing their children up in the discipline and instruction of something. The sleeping father brings his child up in the discipline of demons and the instruction of insanity.

Is it any wonder that the world is on fire?