The Monday Morning Quarterback


1. The Ohio State Buckeyes and The New Orleans Saints both lost over the weekend. An angel smiled.

2. The Dallas Cowboys are terrible. However, for some reason, Fox saw fit to make their game against San Francisco the game of the week. I’m guessing that by the end of October when Michael Sam is playing quarterback for a winless Cowboy’s team, the Cowboys will still be playing in Fox’s Game of the Week. The Cowboys are a lot like Obamacare. Everyone knows they’re bad. Everyone, that is, except for the people in charge of putting stuff on TV.

3. Big Ten fans are already starting to count down the days until the college hockey season starts.

4. On Sunday I drove in front of Georgia Tech’s campus with my wife and two sons. They all booed. My work here is done.

5. At the beginning of every season, the NFL tries it’s hardest to remind us that a.) Peyton Manning used to play for Indianapolis and b.) Peyton Manning has a brother who also plays quarterback in the NFL.

6. Not many people have it easier in life than the backup kicker.

7. My wife told me that two of her favorite things are breakfast for dinner and the NFL. We enjoyed both on Sunday night. I married up.

Until next week, happy footballing.