Man, It’s Good To Be Back

Man, it’s good to be back.

A few weeks ago something attacked my website. Since then, I’ve spent somewhere around 98.2 hours on the phone with customer service representatives. A lot of them were really good and blew me away with their knowledge and friendliness. The rest are former IRS employees.

Not having a place to write has been tough. There’s been a lot going on and I’ve had a lot to say. Here’s a brief summary of some of the things I’ve missed.

1. With each passing day, The Walking Dead is ceasing to be a TV show and becoming more of a visual preparedness manual for how to survive after a catastrophe. Now I really feel out of the loop for not watching that show. On the bright side, I do own a crossbow so I’ve got that going for me.

2. I’m working on my first book. It’s going to be called Your Kid Needs Help! and it’s about parenting. When it comes out, I hope that you’ll buy a copy. Or five. Also, if you know someone famous who can write something like the following for the front cover, I would be greatly indebted to you.

“Jay Sanders is a comedic and parental genius. You really need to buy this book.” – The crossbow guy from The Walking Dead

I think that has a nice ring to it.

3. Over the past few days I’ve seen a video of a black man getting tasered by police officers for not getting out of his car and another video of a black man getting shot by a police officer for obeying a command to get back into his car. Both men’s automobiles were pulled over for the egregious act of the people inside not wearing seatbelts. Who knew that that’s what they were talking about when they told us that buckling up saves lives? I think that most police officers are good. But I also think that people should stand up and speak up about the ones who are not. Just because you happen to be a white seatbelt wearer doesn’t mean that this problem doesn’t matter.

4. I’m reading a bunch of short biographies with my son. So far, we’ve read about Bruce Lee, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. This has led to some of the best conversations I have ever had with my son. If you are able to, try reading books with your kids and talking about them together. So far, Thomas Jefferson is my favorite president. Bruce Lee is in second place.

But I better cool it with all of the political talk.

I don’t want to get shut down again.

Man, it’s good to be back.