A Few Quick Thoughts On Ebola

1. With the virus now hitting New York City, here comes the part where we are constantly told that, “New Yorkers are tough” and that whoever happens to be the mayor at the moment is “America’s mayor.”

When the virus lands in Dump Truck City, Mississippi, the media will insinuate that it’s because everyone down south only knows how to breathe through their mouth. The mayor of Dump Truck City will have to keep his day job, driving a dump truck of course.

2. The infected New York City doctor had just returned from taking some time away from the office, under his own free will, to treat African Ebola patients. Last night someone on Fox News called him, “selfish.”

Exactly! Nothing could be more selfish than sacrificing your time, and perhaps your life, to treat dying people. Wouldn’t we all be much better off if this doctor had simply stayed home and taken selfies all day. Now that’s good old fashioned American sacrifice.

In a world where self is king, selfless acts are considered acts of terrorism.

3. The chances of you getting negatively impacted from Ebola are about the same as the chances you have of getting hit by lightning. The chances of your Constitutional rights being negatively impacted because someone in D.C. decides that it would be a good idea to create a national health swat team are about the same as the chances of the sun coming up tomorrow. Remember, in politics, sometimes the solution is worse than the problem.

4. Moments like these where the government can’t seem to get out of it’s own way give us good opportunities for reflection. The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders not because it is the nice thing to do but because they are often blinded by incompetence, corruption or some combination of the two. So pray for your leaders. This is also a good time to remember that government, while very much necessary and beneficial when functioning properly, makes a terrible god.

5. But there is a real God and, no matter how bad things get, he is always good and always in control.

Have a great weekend!