Child Protective Services

Dannielle and Alexander Meitiv could be forced to hand their children over to the government.

What was their crime?

The two Meitiv children were allowed to walk home, without adult supervision, from the park where they were playing. Their journey was about a mile. Well, it should have been about a mile. It wasn’t. That’s because an allegedly well-meaning neighbor thought that the sight of two kids walking on a sidewalk warranted a call to the police.

So halfway home, the two Meitiv children were stopped by police and given a free ride home where Alexander was questioned and threatened. Later, there was a visit from Child Protective Services. The kind people of CPS continued the show of power by threatening to take the Meitiv children away if Dannielle and Alexander did not agree to never let their children walk home from the park alone again.

Remember, the Meitiv family wasn’t running a crime syndicate. The kids weren’t terrorizing their school. All they did was what most people over the age of 30 did when they were children. They walked home without parents hovering above them, examining their every move to make sure that their kids weren’t the subject of the next Lifetime Original Movie.

This tragic incident is the result of parents who are growing increasingly afraid because of the aforementioned Lifetime Original Movies and a government that is grabbing for more power because, well, that’s what most governments do.

Make no mistake, there are frightening possibilities that await us with each new day. Most every parent is aware of this. But the answer to those frightening possibilities is not a tighter parental clamp. And especially not a tighter government one.

And make no mistake, as a whole, the government isn’t as concerned with protecting children as we are led to believe. If the government really cared about protecting children, it wouldn’t be killing so many of them before they even have a chance to experience being born.

The real issue here is control. I’ll be accused of being a raging, anti-government conspiracy theorist for what I’m about to say. But that’s okay. You’re not really living until you’re called a raging, anti-government conspiracy theorist. So here goes.

The government wants your children.

Sure, they may not be knocking on your door and threatening to take them away. Their approach is usually more subtle. They’re not so concerned with having your child physically present with them. Just having control over the child’s mind will do just fine.

They want to tell your kids that 2+2=5.

They want to tell your kids that parents don’t know what they are doing.

They want to teach your kids about love and so-called safe sex by showing them how to put condoms on bananas.

And if children are brought up with the independent spirit that it takes to walk home from the park alone, their minds will be harder to program.

The government isn’t coming for the Meitiv children because they are victims of bad parenting. The government is coming after them because they aren’t playing the game the right way. You see, if the little Meitiv children would simply stay inside with their video games and government approved children’s educational programming, none of this would have happened.

The biggest threat to a power-hungry government is a family that has gone off the grid, so to speak. A family where kids see authority lovingly displayed in the home is one where the government is not needed. And if there’s one thing that a corrupt and power-hungry government can’t stand, it’s not being needed.

Parents, someone will raise your kids. It can either be you or it can be some combination of the government and the lady across the street with one hand slightly pulling back the curtains and the other hand holding a phone with 911 on speed dial.

Parents, there are no better people on the planet for raising your kids than you. So do it. Stop just being their friend and stop being their 24-hour body guard. And, if you care anything about your children, stop allowing the government to do the job that only you can do.

The best child protective services are the ones that are provided by parents to their own children. It’s just a shame that sometimes it’s the government that we have to protect our children from.