Is Your Church Okay With You?

What if, when it’s all said and done, there’s nothing cool about your church? Would that be okay with you?

Would it be okay if people made fun of your church building because it looks like, well, a church building instead of a giant Apple store?

Would it be okay if there were zero celebrities at your church? No Grammy award-winning worship team. No best-selling author for a pastor. No NFL Hall of Famers on the front row.

Would it be okay if, in spite of all of your best efforts, your church never makes it over that 500 people tipping point? Or 200 people tipping point. Or 15 people tipping point.

Would it be okay with you if there were still older people in suits who went to your church?

Would it be okay if your church goes about its mission with little to no fanfare? No conferences hosted there. No seminary halls named after it. No lectures about it.

Would it be okay with you if, when people ask you where you go to church, they look at you like you just started speaking Vulcan when you tell them? Would it be okay with you if visitors didn’t come back to your church because it wasn’t big enough, white enough, black enough, trendy enough, tolerant enough, traditional enough or entertaining enough for their liking? Would it be okay with you if your church wasn’t okay with a lot of other people?

Could you stay at a church if all of the above were true about it? Would you continue to “be fed” there if all of the above were true along with the following?

Would you stay if your church, as allegedly irrelevant as it may be, was still devoted to what the Bible said and living it out together in prayer (Acts 2:42)?

Would you stay if Sunday mornings didn’t involve a light show, a funny preacher or a really good band but just the power of the Holy Spirit on display (Acts 2:43)?

Would your needs still be met at that church if there were really no members who knew a whole lot about starting non-profits but who just really cared for and served their neighbors as best as they knew how (Acts 2:44-45)?

Would you be happy at your supposedly intolerant and closed-minded church if people were repenting of their sins and lives were being changed (Acts 2:46-47)?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a large church where sermons are preached by a very engaging celebrity pastor and songs are sung by a talented group of Grammy award-winning musicians. In fact, that can be a blessing.

But what if that’s a blessing that, for whatever reason, God doesn’t decide to send your way? What if he wants to keep you somewhat small and seemingly irrelevant? What if the best gift that he ever sends your church’s way is the kind of activity, change and wonder that could only be attributed to the Holy Spirit?

Would that be okay with you?

If not, maybe it’s not Jesus or his Church that you’re really in love with after all.

But if so, there will only be one question that matters for you and your church.

Is your church okay with Jesus?