Happy Monday! Agents Of Grace

It’s another Monday. The day that we’re all supposed to hate. But there is another way.


Grace is the enemy of hate. Hate yells at you about what you’re missing out on. Grace quietly reminds you of the good that you have. Hate tells you about everything that’s wrong. Grace turns your attention to everything that is good and pure.

Today, God has graciously pointed my attention to something in my life that is good and pure.


These are a few of the people who, in their own way, have been agents of grace in my life.

I don’t know some of them. We wouldn’t agree on everything. But their impact has still been great on me. People like Rich Mullins and Keith Green. Through their music, they show me what it looks like to genuinely love Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, for the agents of grace who I never got to meet but who speak to me all the time.

There are other people. People like Keith Keller, Turk Holt and Todd Wright. These are my spiritual fathers. They taught me what it means to be a man of God. They also taught me how to laugh. I think that the two go together. As I write this, we are separated by a lot of miles. I miss them. But hardly a day goes by without me following some good path they left for me. And hardly a day goes by without me laughing because of some old memory they gave me. Thank you, Jesus, for these agents of grace who taught me that godliness and joy make a good match.

And then there is the one who I love the most. My wife makes me want to be a better man. She makes me want to love Jesus more. And she makes me happy. Thank you, Jesus, for that agent of grace I call my wife who helps me to know you more.

It’s Monday. You may not like that.

But God is doing just fine. His grace is sufficient for you today. Most likely, that sufficient grace will make itself known to you through the people that God puts into your life. They are agents of grace. They are gifts from a loving God. They are for your good.

Today, if you can, find some of those agents of grace and tell them that you love them.