Who You Shouldn’t Trust When It Comes To Your Child’s Health

Here is a brief list of just a few of the things that the government has proven that it cannot handle.

1. Running a website.

2. Balancing a budget.

3. Caring for the needs of ailing, injured and aging veterans.

4. Cutting off their cash flow to the very same terrorist organizations they are fighting against.

5. Developing a curriculum for schools.

Are you sure that you’re okay with the people who can’t even operate a website being in charge of forcing you to make your child get a vaccine?

My children are vaccinated. But they are vaccinated because of a decision that my wife and I made, not a politician or a bureaucrat.

Parents, regardless of your views on vaccinating your children, let’s make sure that our decisions are born out of our views.

Not the views of the people who are teaching our kids that 2+2=5.