The Most Important Person In Your Church

She doesn’t get a lot of attention. What attention she does get is usually for all of the wrong reasons. Very few people know like she does just how hard it is to please a crowd. She’s stopped trying.

For some she can never be perfect enough. She doesn’t live up to her title. She doesn’t look or act the part. She’s nothing at all like women in her position used to be.

Others think that she’s too perfect. So they automatically assume that she’s fake. Or self-righteous. From their viewpoint, she’s never had a care in the world.

She knows better.

Sundays are hard for her. She doesn’t go to church like everyone else. Sure, she’s there but it’s just different for her. Her children crawl all over her. But she’s prepared. Cheerios and suckers are her allies. They keep her children calm. But they can only do so much. She still goes home every Sunday with her son’s snot on her shirt and her daughter’s Tootsie Roll stuck to the bottom of her shoe.

And her husband is no help.

At least not on Sundays.

While she’s trying to control their children, he’s busy. Busy doing what men in his position always do on Sundays. Too busy to correct his own small children.

Still, she stands by her husband. She is his number one critic. That’s not a bad thing. Her critiques aren’t meant to tear him down. They are meant to build him up. She loves her husband. She loves him more than anyone in the world does. She loves him enough to speak the truth in a loving way.

She is his number one fan, too. No one supports her husband like she does. When insults and accusations are thrown his way, she hurts more than he does. She wants to fire back. Usually, she doesn’t. She knows better.

If you’re a part of a church family, you know this woman. But you probably don’t really know her.

She is your pastor’s wife.

And, no matter how much you love your pastor or how good you think that he is, you can count on this simple truth. If it wasn’t for your pastor’s wife, you probably would have tried to fire him about six months after he took the job.

She doesn’t get a lot of attention.

But she could sure use your prayers.

Because she just might be the most important person in your church.