Worse Than Hillary Clinton

On Sunday, to the surprise of no one, Hillary Clinton announced that she would be running for president. If Mrs. Clinton is elected, the United States would suffer greatly. In fact, the country may not even survive. President Hillary Clinton would be very bad for America.

But it could be worse.

We could elect the lesser of two evils.

If there’s one thing that many so called conservatives haven’t been able to get right over the years it’s telling the difference between Democratic Party tyranny and the GOP variety. If a Republican president signs a law taxing us for spending too much time in the sun, he’s patriotic. If a Democratic president does the same thing, he needs to be thrown out of office. Conservatives just can’t seem to get the idea that, when your freedoms are trampled, it doesn’t really matter if it’s a donkey or an elephant doing the trampling. Either way, you lose.

Allow me to give you a glimpse into the future. Let’s suppose that Hillary and some candidate who believes essentially the same things as Hillary but with an R next to his name are the last two people standing in the presidential race. And, since we don’t want Hillary, most Americans vote for the lesser of two evils. “Finally! A Republican is back in the White House. Maybe now we can get the country back on track,” we’ll tell ourselves.

And, as the government grows like it did when other lesser of two evils led us, we’ll remind ourselves that the inevitable loss of personal liberty and financial freedom isn’t as bad as it would be if Hillary were in charge. And, when that lesser of two evils throws us a bone by saying something against abortion but never actually doing anything to stop it, we’ll think that things are finally back in order. In reality, nothing will have changed. Nothing except for the bosses our new boss answers to.

The only real difference between Hillary Clinton and many other national politicians, even the Republicans, is which set of international bankers they answer to. Many of these politicians, like Hillary, come from prominent political families that look more like the monarchy our country broke off from than the land that Jefferson and Washington imagined. They favor a strong, centralized federal government. And they will run your freedoms over. Elephant or donkey? Isn’t freedom of choice grand!

So, in 2016, if your only choices for president are Hillary and Diet, Republican Hillary, find another name to write in. David Lee Roth. Patrick Henry. T Swizzle. I don’t care. Just don’t settle for the lesser of two evils. And if Hillary manages to pull it out, don’t give up hope just yet. At least her bad policies won’t be considered patriotic or good for the country. At least her motives will be a bit more clear. And at least the Republicans in D.C. will be more apt to stand against her power grabs than they would be if someone from their party were in charge. Okay, I may be reaching on that one.

Our nation is in trouble.

Our debt is at very dangerous levels.

We’ve turned the killing of babies into a tax-payer funded industry.

The federal government, rather than protecting us from bullies, has become the bully.

Instead of asking what we can do for our country, we’re asking what our country can do for us.

Our constitution has been shredded.

And the last thing we need is another battle between Democrats and Republicans. We don’t need to convince ourselves to vote for the lesser of two evils. No candidate is perfect but conservatives have been voting for the lesser of two evils for a while now and look where it’s gotten us.

Hillary Clinton would be bad for America. Very bad.

Just not as bad as a so-called conservative Republican who is a carbon copy of Hillary Clinton only with less backbone and a better pant suit.

As long as we’re content with the lesser of two evils, we shouldn’t be surprised when the results are, well, evil.

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