Soccer And The Art Of Fatherhood


Being a dad will change you.

Back when I was single, I thought that soccer was one last attempt by the communists to take over America. Now that I’m older and a family man, I’ve learned that such an idea was absurd. Clearly, the communists are trying to take over America by getting elected as congressmen and senators.

Soccer is just a sport.

It’s a sport that my kids play. So now I love it. I even coach it. I use that term coach loosely. Seeing as how I didn’t play growing up, I have no idea what I’m doing. I basically just throw balls at kids. Coincidentally, I just described every Georgia Tech head football coach.

Wednesday night I watched soccer. By myself. For some reason, my cable provider is having it out with Fox Sports so the match between the US and Mexico wasn’t on our TV. Until I found the Spanish station. So there I was, late at night, watching a Spanish language soccer broadcast. And I loved it. Especially this part.


It was the only word I could understand. I heard it twice. The only other Spanish words that I know, I learned in high school. There are two of those words. Zapatos and baño. I never heard those words on Wednesday night. But, if I ever need to find a bathroom shoe while visiting Madrid, I’m in good shape.

The US won the game 2-0. Two nil, I think, is the proper way to say it.

The next morning, I talked to my kids about it. It was a quality father and son moment. Take that, communists.

Being a dad has changed me.

I don’t stay up late anymore. 7:00 in the morning is sleeping in for me. The Netflix screen on my TV has been taken over by movies recommended for children. And a soccer ball is no longer what you use to shoot hoops with when there’s not a quality basketball around.

No one will ever accuse me of being a communist.

But you might say that I’m just getting soft in my old age.

That’s okay.

I know that it’s just part of being a dad.

And I like it.

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