A Consistent Response To The Woman Who Wants To Sell Her Baby On Craigslist


A Georgia woman who is six months pregnant is trying to sell her baby on Craigslist. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is looking into the matter.

It could be a hoax. My guess is that it probably is. Even still, we should ask ourselves this question. Why does the Georgia Bureau of Investigation feel the need to investigate this woman?

For those who appreciate life, the answer is simple. Because that lady isn’t merely selling a lump of cells or a fetus. Assuming this were not a hoax, she’s trying to sell a human life. And trying to sell another human being is wrong. I know. In today’s culture the only wrong thing you can do is to say that something is wrong. But how would you like it if someone sold you? Suddenly, our standards of right and wrong change when we find out that it’s us, and not just some fetus, that will do the suffering. It’s a good thing we’re grown and have the ability to speak in order to prevent such things from happening to us.

Back to the original question.

Why does the Georgia Bureau of Investigation feel the need to investigate a woman who is trying to sell her unborn baby on Craigslist?

We’ve already considered the answer of those who value human life. Now, what about those who are all for the extermination of babies? How should they answer this question?

If they care about being consistent with their beliefs, they should be outraged at the GBI. They should be standing outside of GBI headquarters right now, demanding that the woman be left alone, that an Atlanta street should be named after her and that more federal tax dollars should be given to protect a woman’s right to sell her baby for drugs and/or cash. How dare Georgia law enforcement officials get involved with a private matter! This is a woman’s body, not a legal issue. This is a war on women!

This won’t be happening. No, in the world where a woman’s right to choose trumps the right of a baby not to be killed, the lady who tries to sell her baby on Craigslist is misguided and confused. Oh, but the doctor who uses medical equipment to mutilate a baby and pull it from his mother’s womb is some sort of a freedom fighter whom we should all fund with our tax dollars.

I’m guessing that the story of the Georgia woman trying to sell her unborn child on Craigslist is some sort of a hoax. It’s just to crazy to be true.

Then again, the same could be said of the entire child death industry in this country. The concept of killing an unborn child, calling it a right and funding it with taxpayer dollars is just too crazy to be true.

But sometimes, the truth is stranger than fiction.


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