A List Of Just Some Of The People Who Would Make A Better President Than Donald Trump


1. The Great Kabuki

2. M.C. Hammer

3. Dusty Rhodes (RIP)

4. The guy who played Turbo in Breakin’ Two: Electric Bugaloo

5. Herschel Walker

6. Rasheed Wallace

7. The Hay Pushing Lady

8. Keith Sweat

9. That nice lady with the red hair who ran the school for those girls on The Facts of Life. Edna, I think was her name.

10. Gregg Allman

11. Duane Allman (RIP)

12. Don and Arlene

13. Conway Twitty (RIP)

14. Hank HIll

15. Henry Hill

16. The cast of One Tree Hill

17. Vin Diesel

18. Whoever the 12-year old boy is who was responsible for writing the screenplay for all of The Fast and The Furious movies.

19. Whoever the 12-year old girl is who is responsible for writing all of Luke Bryan’s songs.

20. Nature Boy Ric Flair. Wooooooooooooo!

21. Bubb Rubb and Lil’ Sis. Woot, woot!

22. Flo Rida

23.That guy in the Statue of Liberty costume dancing on the side of the street telling you that his uncle’s place is your best option for quality accounting services and the selling of any gold that you may need to get rid of.

24. Screech!

25. Keith Richards (RIP)

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