Holy Political Correctness, Batman!


We live in a politically correct world. That’s another way of saying that we can’t really have fun anymore. The Great Commandment of our politically correct age is this. Everything you say is offensive. And the second commandment is like it. Everything you do is dangerous.

Case in point, the Daly family photo shoot.

If you haven’t heard by now, Roxanne Daly gave her husband Mike a unique Father’s Day present. She had Mike dress up like Batman and their toddler son dress up like Robin. Roxanne was the damsel in distress. This make believe damsel in distress was pretending to be tied to train tracks. But never fear! Batman and Robin were there to save the day. And it was all caught on camera to be enjoyed by the Daly family for years.

Unfortunately, the Politically Correct Jokers arrived to ruin the day with their two Great Commandments.

Everything you say is offensive.

Everything you do is dangerous.

Seeing as how this was a photo shoot and no words could be heard, the Daly family was cited for breaking rule number two. When they posted the pictures online, most people laughed, clicked the like button and carried on with their lives. But not the Politically Correct Jokers.

They were upset because, get this, the track was, wait for it, active. Gasp!

Here’s some advice for my politically correct friends. Active railroad tracks are not running with electricity. You won’t get electrocuted if you touch one. It just means that a train could come. And here’s the thing about trains. They’re not butterflies. They don’t just show up out of nowhere. They’re big. And loud. That means that you can see them coming with plenty of time to get out of the way.

Here’s an example.

Photographer: “Look at Mommy, Robin.”

Dad: “I hear a train and the rails are shaking. Let’s go stand over there.”

Family stands in the woods for five minutes and waves at the engineer, conductor and the three hobos on the last car.

Dad: “Great Scott it’s hot in this suit! Let’s get this thing over with.”

In usual political correct fashion, those who found themselves so offended have threatened the Daly family and even went so far as posting their home address online. Because nothing shows how much you care for the safety of someone like posting their address online and threatening to come visit in the middle of the night.

If Roxanne Daly would have done her research before this photoshoot she could have avoided all of this controversy and the hate of the Politically Correct Jokers. If she would have put on the Batman suit, made her husband wear a dress and said that her young son was self identifying as a female Eskimo with ties to ISIS, none of this would have happened. They could have taken their pictures high atop Mt. Everest and been just fine. Well sure, they may not have survived the ordeal but just think of how brave everyone would have said they were.

But instead, it’s just a regular mom, dad and son on some railroad tracks so the Politically Correct Jokers want to attack.

So I say, attack away.

But just be ready.

The Dark Knight and his side kick have never been ones to care about political correctness when it comes time to fight. But even they don’t put up a fight like a loving wife and mother who has had enough of all the senseless drama and keyboard crusading.

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