Dear Programming Director For The Trinity Broadcasting Network


Dear Programming Directory For The Trinity Broadcasting Network,

I don’t know your name but I thought about you Tuesday morning. I was looking for a parking space. A lot of the preachers on your network talk about how God has given them a prime parking space when they prayed for one. I didn’t pray for God to give me a good parking space. But I did pray for the reason why I couldn’t find a parking space.

I was visiting a family at a children’s hospital. I’ve been to a few of these hospitals in my time as a minister. They all have one thing in common. I never can find a parking space. And each car in those packed lots represents a few things. Sick kids. Hurting families. People with serious theological questions about good, evil and suffering.

And you are responsible for providing the wrong answers to those questions.

Have more faith.

Give more money.

Get rid of whatever sin in your life is making your kid sick.

So I have a request. Before you air another episode of Benny Hinn asking for more money and delivering miracles through sleight of hand and theological smoke and mirrors, could you please make sure that Mr. HInn’s crusade is held in the parking lot that I was driving through on Tuesday morning?

If Mr. Hinn really does have the ability to perform supernatural miracles for a small fee, I saw a lot of people on Tuesday who could sure use one.

On the other hand, maybe, just maybe, you, Mr. Hinn and the other preachers on your network would cool it on the magic tricks if you actually had to look hurting people in the eye. Real hurting people. Not plants pretending to feel the anointing.

Judging from the gold pianos and private jets, business is booming business of manipulation.

But there’s no money in the business of honest repentance.

And it’s quite obvious what’s more important to your network.


Jay Sanders

(And every hurting heart that has ever filled a parking space at a hospital)

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