God Bless America? No Thanks.


When American presidents conclude their major speeches, they usually end with the same line. It goes something like this.

“God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.”

President Obama has gotten some heat from Christians for omitting that line from a few of his speeches. The line is a part of our history. It reminds us where we came from. It should be said, even if we know you don’t really mean it. Or so we are told.

As a Southern Baptist pastor who is a huge proponent of free speech, even the speech that I don’t like, I’m in favor of all of us retiring that phrase. No, I’m not calling for censorship. I just think that we should see the phrase for what it is.


The foolishness has nothing to do with the mention of God or the belief that he blesses human endeavors. Instead, the foolishness is what exactly it is that we are asking him to bless.

You’ve probably already seen the undercover video of a Planned Parenthood executive discussing how her agency profits from the sell of body parts once belonging to the babies that they kill. At the time of this writing, members of our Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches have not been seen wearing sackcloth and ashes. My sincerest apologies if that happens between now and the publication of this post.

Also at the time of this writing, the mainstream news outlets have largely ignored the story. ABC News, for example, has stories on their website about a mom who is in trouble for making her twins hold sarcastic signs. There’s also a story about a transgendered teen struggling to cope with life in high school. So there’s that.

But nothing about your tax dollars being used to murder babies and sell their body parts. Again, forgive me if ABC News decides to do an exposé on Planned Parenthood between now and the time I publish this post.

Back to the main point.

God bless America.

Will you please bless our government sanctioned baby murdering?

Will you please bless us as we sell the livers and skulls of the babies we have killed so that we may live and not have to put up with taking care of another human life?

Will you please bless our total devotion to sex, even to the point that we will murder to avoid those pesky, ahem, mistakes that often come along as a result?


Here’s a better idea for a line the president can use when he finishes another one of is speeches.

“May God have mercy on America.”

Mercy, if you don’t know, is the withholding of what we rightfully deserve.

What would you say that we deserve for murdering millions of babies, selling their body parts and making Americans pay for it? You know, we’ve bombed other countries for much less and called it our patriotic duty. But we want God to somehow bless us?

Call me anti-American and please excuse me for sounding like the Bible thumper that I am but we deserve divine punishment.

Our country has murdered.

And profited from it.

And lied about it.

And then asked for God’s blessing on all of it.

That, it seems to me, is the American way. And the new American dream involves sexual climax at all costs while stopping at nothing to clean up the messy parts. So forgive me if I’m not jumping on the new American dream bandwagon.

You can tell a lot about people by what they get mad and fight about. In our country, people get mad about their so called rights to sex and marriage the way they want it and they fight when they’re not allowed to walk away from the responsibilities that come along with it. Many however, don’t do a whole lot of fighting when it comes time to speak up for those who have no voice.

But many are quick to speak up and ask for God’s blessing, even if they don’t much care for his standards.

Well, believe it or not, God hates murder. Even if you call it Planned Parenthood and give it a pretty logo and talk about all the good they allegedly do for the community. And God will not stand by as Americans continue to do all of it under the guise of his blessing.

God bless America? No thanks.

But God, please have mercy on America.

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