I’m staying out of the Confederate flag debate.

But, I must admit, it’s kind of hard to with news about it being all over the Internet, television and radio. TV shows have been taken off of the air because of it. New laws have been passed because of it. The Atlanta chapter of the NAACP is talking about sandblasting Lee, Davis and Jackson off of Stone Mountain. The president has even weighed in, saying that the confederate flag belongs in a museum, not on a pole outside of a government building in South Carolina.

All of this in response to the racist who killed nine blacks during a church meeting.

Earlier this week we learned that Planned Parenthood is not only killing babies, we’ve known that for years, but that they are selling their body parts and performing the abortions in such a way as to keep the desired body parts in tact. No one wants a damaged liver, you know.

What has been the response to that?

From many Christians, it has been what you might expect. Outrage. Righteous indignation. Anger. Disgust.

But what about the response from the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP? Have they weighed in on the fact that babies, many of whom are black, are being murdered and sold to the highest bidder? Are they asking for Planned Parenthood to be sandblasted from the United States budget?

And what about President Obama? Has he said anything about this? Has he shown any disgust at the woman slurping wine while talking about selling the organs of infants as if she was an auto parts dealer?

Crickets chirping.



Here’s the painful reality. Most Americans don’t care about justice. Yes, even the ones who talk a lot about it. What they really care about is what the media and the social engineers behind the media tell them to care about.

So they’ll wear a bracelet for this cause.

And they’ll sign an online petition for that cause.

And they’ll walk from California to Maine to raise money for some other cause.

Just so long as the cause is socially acceptable. That’s why a lot of churches are devoted to ensuring that the coffee out in the lobby is fair trade while remaining silent about the babies being killed down the street. Sadly, in the eyes of the elites currently ruling this country from both sides of the political aisle, putting a stop to the murder of babies and the selling of their body parts is not an acceptable cause.

As a pastor, this is the part where I’m supposed to say that this country is at a crossroads and that it’s time for the church to speak up so that we can win our nation back. I’m not going to do that.

The crossroads was passed a long time ago.

But it is time for the church to speak up.

In his excellent book on the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Eric Metaxes tells the story  of prisoners who were loaded on trains headed for concentration camps. At some point along the way, the train always passed a church building. Sometimes the train passed while the church was meeting. Everyone in the church building knew what the train was for, where it was headed and who was in it. So what did they do? They sang their hymns louder to cover the sound of the train and the screams of the passengers on it in hopes that it would make them forget about the reality that was in the shadow of their steeple. They did nothing to help. They just sang louder.

Our culture is the same way today.

We sing loud, pretty songs about justice, freedom and love.

All so that we can pretend that the real crisis, the federally funded one right outside of our door, isn’t happening.

Well, it is.

History, and more importantly God, will remember us for our response to this crisis. Not for our bracelets. Not for our rhetoric. But for our actions (James 2:14-26).

So far, our nation really is on the wrong side of history.

Even worse, it is on the wrong side of God’s wrath.

Before we start patting ourselves on the back for the images we sandblast off of mountains and the TV shows we pull from the air, we should consider how we respond to the torture of the least among us.

Sadly, our leaders are no different from the woman in that undercover video.

Slurping wine.

Eating nice food.

Making a lot of money.

All at the expense of tiny, involuntary organ donors they call fetuses.

So the next time you hear the president say something about justice, tune him out. Tune him out until he calls Planned Parenthood what it is. A government funded homicide syndicate. Tune him out until he stops making you pay for it all. The next time you hear the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP talk about change, just keep on moving. Keep moving until you hear them tell Planned Parenthood, “Not in our city.”

Anything less is hypocrisy in its truest form.

And trust me on this.

You don’t want any part of a so-called justice or hope or change that views babies as commodities rather than individuals created in the image of God.

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