Do You Remember John?


Do you remember John?

Probably not.

I’ll refresh your memory.

As a child, John was unassuming, un-athletic and largely unnoticed. When he turned 18, he got involved in local politics. By the time his young adult years rolled around, John was a Jaycee, a prominent businessman, a husband and later, a father. He was a pillar of the community.

Shortly before the 60s gave way to the 70s, John’s public image took a hit when he was convicted of sexually assaulting the teenage son of one of his friends. John was given a ten-year sentence but was released 18-months later. Although he maintained his innocence, he lost all contact with his wife and children.

John started a new life in the Chicago area with a new wife, new kids, a new thriving business and new opportunities for community and charity work. He dressed as a clown, Pogo the Clown to be exact, for sick children and other charitable causes. He led several community improvement projects and even got to meet First Lady Rosalynn Carter at a parade he helped to organize.

John did his community a lot of good. As far as they were concerned, you couldn’t do much better than John.

And then they found out that he was a serial killer.

John Wayne Gacy picked up several young boys, either by trick or by force, and then raped and killed them. At least 33 deaths are attributed to him. In 1994, the state of Illinois put him to death for his crimes.

The next time you hear someone talking about all of the good that Planned Parenthood does for the community, think about John Wayne Gacy.

They both have a lot of common.

In spite of their public image of good works, both are nothing more than costumed child killers.

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