Cheer up, Monday haters. At least you don’t have this job.

The most exciting thing about this video is how mundane it is. Just a guy feeding angry, deadly snakes. And whistling while doing it. Nothing to see here.

A few quick observations.

1. This guy doesn’t make enough money. If the guy giving you small fries when you ordered large ones wants 15 dollars an hour, I’d say that this guy should be asking for a cool million an hour.

2. The only thing more disturbing than the snakes is the whistling. What’s with the whistling? I hate to judge but anyone who whistles for more than one minute while doing something dangerous is probably a serial killer. Someone should run a background check on this guy.

3. No matter what your job is or how bad you hate it, you don’t have this job. So smile. And have a happy Monday.