Telling It Like It Is Is Overrated


People who really like Donald Trump always say the same thing.

“I like Donald Trump because he tells it like it is.”

Good. But is telling it like it is really all the qualifications one needs to become president?

One time I was walking through a church when I noticed a teacher and what appeared to be a group of kindergartners standing out in the hallway. One of those kindergartners had his eyes locked on me the entire time that it took me to walk the 30 feet or so to where he and his classmates were standing. It was hard to ignore. I couldn’t just keep on walking while some kid was staring at me. What if he wanted my autograph?

I walked up to him, patted him on the head and said, “Hey, buddy.”

His eyes were still fixed on me.

Finally, he spoke.

“You’re ugly.”

That kid told it like it is. But, under no circumstances, do I want him to be our next president.

What we need is someone who can tell it like it is but in a nice, graceful way. Almost every woman at my childhood church is qualified to be our next president.

None of them ever told me that I was ugly. They just said, “Bless your heart.”

“Bless your heart,” is southern lady talk that is loosely interpreted as, “You’re a big idiot but I’m too nice and you’re too sorry for me to tell you.” Now that’s what I call grace.

Imagine how that would work out on the world stage.

Iran: “We would like for you to give us all of your weapons and allow us to make more powerful ones for ourselves. If not, we will blow up the sun, Cobra Commander style.”

President Sunday School Teacher Lady: “Bless your heart.”

Iran: “What is this heart you speak of? And why am I crying? Here, take our weapons.”

See how that works? No bombs. No sanctions. No Donald. Just a lady saying, “Bless your heart.” And sometimes, the really good ones don’t even have to say the phrase. They can just make the Bless Your Heart Face. When done properly, it is just as effective at crushing overly-confident men.

Trust me on this.

I see that face almost every time I try to use the self-checkout line at Wal-Mart.

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