Some Viewers May Find This Content Disturbing


It’s hard to say what is most disturbing about the undercover videos exposing the practices of Planned Parenthood.

It’s disturbing to watch people eating lunch while discussing all of the babies they have killed and sold.

The sight of a baby’s arm in a dish with the rest of his remains is disturbing.

Lab technicians laughing about the bag full of babies they have from that day’s killings is disturbing.

And it’s disturbing to hear senators defend these practices because they are afraid that in a world without Planned Parenthood, people might not be able to find out if they have chlamydia.

But there is something else disturbing. It is much more subtle but equally disturbing as the evils that I have just mentioned. It’s the sentence that has appeared in every video that has been released so far.

Some viewers may find this content disturbing.

I wish that sentence could honestly say, Everyone will find this content disturbing.

But everyone won’t find the content disturbing.

Our president won’t find it disturbing because he thinks that it’s okay to partially deliver and child and then kill it.

Some of our nation’s senators won’t find it disturbing because they won’t even bother to watch it. Doing so would force them to come to grips with the evil they have pushed on us all.

Others won’t find it disturbing because their consciences are so seared that taking the life of a baby seems okay as long as it means not having to deal with that horrific inconvenience of carrying, delivering and raising, Gasp!, twins.

When our country is finally judged for this evil, and believe me, it will be, the millions of dead babies, some unborn and others who were born, will stand as evidence against Planned Parenthood’s thirst for blood (and fetal tissue).

But the so-called doctors at Planned Parenthood and the politicians in D.C. won’t be the only ones with blood on their hands. You see, for a tyrant to operate, he needs some help. And the American people have been more than willing to help. All they’ve had to do is nothing.

The apathy of the people is fuel for tyrants.

Unless the people at Planned Parenthood and the politicians who fund them repent, they will all stand before God as murderers.

And unless the people of this nation repent for doing nothing, they will stand before God, just as guilty.

The crime of Planned Parenthood is their disturbing actions toward children.

The crime of many Americans is the simple fact that they never were disturbed.

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