Little League Girls Softball And Our Next President


There’s some shady business going on in the world of little league girls softball.

An Oregon softball team was expected to move on to the final round of the Little League World Series. They had been the most dominant team in the tournament. They were a lock to win it all. But, just to be sure and knowing that they would advance to the finals anyway, they intentionally lost a semi-final game, thus eliminating the team with the best chance of beating them. The Oregon team, known as South Snohomish, rested their four best players and had the ones who did play strike out on purpose. Allegedly. The previously unstoppable team was beaten 8-0.

Their plan was coming together nicely.

Without ever having to go through the trouble of actually facing them, they eliminated their toughest opponent and set themselves up for an easy championship by playing against a weaker opponent.

It seems as though this sort of activity is all the rage these days.

Think about it.

What would you do if you had a lot of influence, no morals and wanted the most powerful position in the world? I can tell you what I would do.

I would run for president. I would then get a close friend and former financial backer to run for president in a completely different party.

I’d have him change his positions to match that party’s key talking points.

I’d have him talk loud and hard about things that have Republicans, and most other Americans for that matter, really worked up.

I’d have him, despite his endless wealth and influence, play the role of the anti-establishment victim.

I’d have him convince the people that he was just keeping it real when he said foolish things about women.

And, he would win his party’s nomination.

I would have the benefit of defeating my toughest opponents, the fresh faces with actual ideas, without ever having to face them. My friend and former financial backer would take care of that for me.

Finally, when we went head to head in the presidential election, I would have my opponent and friend’s head on a platter. Nothing violent, mind you. He would just give it to me.

His previous comments regarding women that earned him so much praise a few months earlier would now be used against him.

His financial swagger and arrogance would be used as examples of the failures of capitalism.

I would win the office of president while my opponent and friend went back to his old job of paying off politicians. When you think about it, we would both win. My political underhandedness would win me the presidency. His power, money and connections would win him the person in the office.


The only real loser would be the American people.

But what do they know anyway?

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